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16-year-old Phylicia Barnes went missing from Baltimore around December 28th while visiting relatives. While local media was covering the case frustrated police, bloggers and activists had to pressure national media into covering this story. After two congressmen made public pleas for assistance the story was finally covered by national media.

But the media isn’t the issue here, Phylicia is. The North Carolina honor student has still not been found and police are theorizing she may have been kidnapped:

A teenage girl from North Carolina who was visiting her sister in Maryland went missing two weeks ago, and police say they believe she has been abducted.

Phylicia Simone Barnes, a straight-A student and track star, was visiting her half sister in Baltimore when she disappeared Dec. 28. Police said it appears Barnes left the apartment to get food around 1:30 p.m. — and she hasn’t been seen since.

A Baltimore police spokeswoman said Tuesday that authorities don’t know what happened to Barnes or where she might be.

But police think she did not leave on her own accord. Barnes, whose 17th birthday is Wednesday, is known as a responsible young girl and has never tried to run away, police said.

Baltimore homicide detectives are investigating the case, and civilian volunteers helped search the grounds near Barnes’ half sister’s apartment over the weekend, looking for any sign of the teenager.

Barnes lives with her mother in Monroe, N.C. She was on track to graduate high school early and wanted to attend Towson University in Baltimore.

Since Dec. 28, her cell phone has gone unanswered and she hasn’t used her debit card, authorities said.

But I’m not so sure. Phylicia’s mother was on the Nancy Grace Show and had some pretty damning things to say about the half-sister Phylicia was visiting, including that Phylicia had just met the girl through Facebook, the half-sister admitted to allowing the 16-year-old to get drunk and high there and that there were 20 or so strange men who came in and out of the apartment Phylicia was staying in with he half-sister. There is a rumor going around that the half sister either is a dealer or her ex-boyfriend – who coincidentally was moving out the apartment the day Phylicia went missing – was dealing from there. Nancy Grace says she found no evidence of that but Grace thinks Pat Brown is a profiling genius so I’m still suspicious.

Phylicia is 5’8″, 120lbds and has a tattoo of a rose on her lower right leg. She has brown hair, brown eyes and a blue pea coat with hood, turquoise thermal shirt, blue jeans, white ankle-high boots, with a tan purse.

If you see her or know anything please call National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) or Baltimore City Police Department (Maryland) 1-410-396-2525 or Baltimore’s Missing Persons Unit at 443-984-7385.

LaShawn Barber has a good piece up on this case.

h/t Black and Missing but Not Forgotten


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