Hipster Douchebag Robs Mauldin Bank

Look at htis F'n Bank Robber

It’s bad enough he/she or it is robbing a bank, but they’re dressed like one of those coke addled hipsters from Brooklyn that I frankly moved out of New york to avoid. Is there anything worse than “adults” who look and act like teens while living off their trust fund and claiming every sad, pathetic thing they do is actually cool because it’s ironic?

How about having one point a gun at you?

At around 4:30 a tall, “slender” man (we assume) pranced into Capital bank on Woodruff Rd with a large semi-auto handgun. He robbed the place then left on foot with a man-purse slung girlishly behind him:

Nice Purse Douchebag

WYFF has the series of photos from bank surveillance. If you run into this guy (at Coffee Underground or Starbucks no doubt) consider him armed and dangerous. Sgt. Detective Jason Peterson at the Mauldin Police Department at 864-289-8900 is the man in charge of this.

10-1 that all the money he took has already been spent on cocaine and skinny jeans.


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