Home Tattoos Are a Really Bad Idea … Unless You Want to Contract a Potentially Fatal Infection

If your kids have turned up with a mysterious tattoo on them get them to a hospital, because the scumbag giving them to teens is spreading staph infections to kids with his no doubt unsanitary practices:

NEWBERRY, S.C. — South Carolina authorities are looking for a man who is tattooing young people in their homes without their parents’ permission.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said 25-year-old Jesus Lopez is unlicensed and has given at least tattooed at last five people under age 21 without their parents knowing. Both are against the law.

Foster says at least two of the people who got tattoos from Lopez have also come down with staph infections, which could cause serious complications if not treated immediately.

Serious complications like death. You can read up on staph at this excellent site. Sounds like Lopez is reusing dirty needles so staph is the least of the problems, though a serious problem in and of itself.  Hepatitis, HIV and a host of other blood borne pathogens can be transmitted via illegal tattooing.

We don’t know where else he’s been operating so keep an eye on your kids.

WCBD has a mugshot of Lopez.


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