I Support the Home Invasion Protection Act

I moved to South Carolina because unlike New Jersey, NYC and Connecticut (all the places I lived before) South Carolina respects my right to guard my life and my property with guns, knives, bear spray, walking sticks or any other weapon that I have handy at the time. It’s also a Castle Doctrine state meaning I can repel any intruders from castle Rob with guns akimbo, filing the air with hot lead and resorting to cold steel when I run dry. South Carolina is so awesome that I can hire a “model” three days a week to stand in front of the door to my home office with her legally obtained pistol caliber semi-auto carbine waiting for some idiot to kick down my door.

The other two days during the work week have a volunteer who’s a fan guard the door with a .45:

South Carolina then took steps to be even more awesome by extending Castle Doctrine protection to your car, place of business and even where you’re camping. Could we get more awesome down here?

The answer is yes. A bill was just introduced that makes it so that after I shoot, stab, or bludgeon some home invader (or just watch as one of my home office girls does it) they’re going to do a mandatory 20 years. If they survive that is. Better yet if they get the drop on the Greenville Dragnet staff and kill one of us they can face the death penalty:

COLUMBIA — A new bill up for debate by a South Carolina Senate panel would add a new crime to the list of offenses eligible for the death penalty.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday is set to debate the bill that would create a new crime of home invasion in South Carolina, punishable by a prison sentence of 20 years to life.

The bill would also make someone convicted of committing a murder during a home invasion eligible for a death sentence.

The bill is called the Home Invasion Protection Act.

Clearly, I fully support this legislation.

Now I’m going to admit here that I don’t habitually carry my Roscoe around with me outside the house. Being a rugged self-reliance type I tend to carry a blade or two around, like the Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter and when hiking I might also pack a Roach Belly for emergencies. I do like having the option of packing heat when I need to – like when I’m gardening and the goddamn foxes who the goddamn neighbors keep feeding start eying my goddamn fig tree. I also like living in a state where they understand the 2nd Amendment isn’t about protecting our sporting heritage but about my right to protect my life, my loved ones and my property by any means necessary.

This legislation goes beyond protecting my rights and attacks the people dead set on infringing on those rights with harsh enough penalties that I won’t have to worry about a revenge attack in five years when the guy I send to prison with a galena pill in his leg and a fracture in his skull limps past the parole board and looks me up with his one functioning eye. Another win for the good guys courtesy South Carolina.


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  1. MAD MIKEY on February 17th, 2012 11:12 am

    Hey Rob, I don’t know how handy you are with your firearms and blades but if you are good enough with either one you will be able to ensure that “home invader” dosen’t live to see that mandatory 20 years. I also want to say that I personally think that it is AWESOME that the lawmakers of our state are realizing that crime is reaching out of control proportions and allowing people to take more self defense measures into their own hands, but do you think enough is being done in order to try to keep guns out of the wrong hands? Also do you feel the prison sentences are adequate for such offenses?

  2. Loup on February 17th, 2012 11:55 am

    Agree, this is going to one of the last states left standing…. we need to start building the wall now!

  3. Evan Will on February 17th, 2012 12:32 pm

    I support your choice of pictures to compliment this article…Speaking of foxes/dogs on property…funny enough more than likely than a home invasion or criminal encounter for me is my neighbors pit bull attacking me or my 3 year old son…its charged me twice, once alone and a 2nd time with my son – BEFORE I carried. Had I had it on me the 2nd time the mutt breed pit would be in the ground…

  4. Evan Will on February 17th, 2012 12:36 pm

    South Carolina. The first to Secede. That last to Stand.

    I heard a stat the other day that on the Mexican side of the border next to AZ – around 50 THOUSAND people died at the hand of the cartels. Invasion is not unlikely as Hezbollah is using their tunnels and connections to gain entry. I hope someone at Langley is minding the store.

  5. Rob Taylor on February 17th, 2012 3:29 pm

    Mikey – I think gun laws are fine. When I lived in NJ which has more restrictive gun laws than England I had guns pulled on me three times and was shot at once. In NYC the gun homicide rate was the highest in the nation. Here in SC where guns flow like water – nothing.

    Crime is cultural and can only be dealt with by empowering good people and changing the way society views crime. We raise kids in a system that teaches them moral relativism, a society that promotes rampant drug abuse and a media environment that glorifies bad guys and attacks traditional American values and then we wonder why they commit crimes?

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