If You Don’t Want to Get Shot, Don’t Hang Around Bars Called SIN City

Stay Out of S.I.N. City

54-year-old Dwayne Russell Wilson got in an argument with a man in a Woodruff Rd club called S.I.N. City and when the victim went to the parking lot and damaged Wilson’s car Wilson shot the man several times.

Wilson is charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Now, I haven’t been in a bar in about ten years so take this with a grain of salt but as soon as the club changed it’s name to S.I.N. City I pretty much knew someone was going to get shot there.

See kids, if it’s not a strip club and has the word “sin” in the title, stay out of it. If a bar has no window, stay out of it. If a bar is only accessible by driving to it you shouldn’t be there anyway.

I am told that the “sin” in S.I.N. City Club stands for “service industry nights” but that doesn’t mitigate the essentially ghettoness of naming a bar on a glorified highway Sin City. I don’t know what a “service industry night” is but I do know that a bar with no windows is not the place to start arguing with people.

Look, you want to drink but don’t want any trouble? Buy your beer at Bi-Lo and take your drunk ass home. Unless you are looking for a fist fight, a lap dance or an STD hanging around bars is a bad move. Hanging around bars that call themselves Sin City and aren’t strip clubs in the Bronx is basically asking for trouble.


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