Increased Gas Prices Disrupting Police Service in South Carolina

The level of police service city dwellers, and especially suburbanites, come to expect is largely dependent on cheap gas to get cops to you and keep patrols on the streets. The relatively minor increases we’ve already seen here (and the prices will go up much higher) already has police departments scrambling to keep cruisers on the streets. In some cases they simply can’t.

Prepare yourself. Bad neighborhoods are going to get worse as criminals learn that this resource crunch limits the ability of police to effectively respond to crime. Areas where budgets are tight are going to put less patrol cars on the streets, which will open the window for more crime. As the disabled police force is forced to decide which crimes their cruisers will attend first, small time non-violent crimes will increase as thieves learn that on any given night they have ample time to get away before police can respond.


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  1. Ajax the Great on March 3rd, 2011 4:54 pm

    All the more reason to decriminalize victimless crimes and focus on the real crimes.

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