Inside the Haywood Triangle: Kangaroo Convenient Store Gets Jacked

Post by Evan Will

I saw this also on the GPD Crime Alert Email as well. It happened at 1:51 AM near the Airport Road intersection. Not too much to say other than dang that guy is bold. You can see his face and everything. If we really wanted to reach out and help people, why doesn’t the government subsidize night windows for places like this to so that tellers can’t get jacked b/c they are behind glass after hours. It’s a grim site. Walking into a convenient mart after hours where it looks like a check cashing joint with a tiny hole for your stuff and bullet proof glass. They have them in St. Louis in the downtown area. Makes you feel like you’re living in an Escape from New York movie. But I’m thinking it makes the people that have to work the night shift to pay their bills, and their families, feel more safe about the job they have to have.

Or hire a security guard, Kangaroo! And places like you. Leaving a poor defenseless woman at the shop all alone. That doesn’t sound very OSHA safe to me. Heaven forbid you slip on a floor without a yellow wet sign. If I had to have a job like this…I’d want to work for the most independent, down home, Ed’s Food Mart. Because Ed has a bat and a shot gun under the counter and doesn’t answer to corporate policies. Truth is, I’m sure its cheaper to lose a register of money than hire a guard, add insurance to potential injuries per altercations or install safety glass. I don’t think there needs to be federal safety standards and regulations on convenient stores. But if I worked in one…I’d be sure I tried to get out of working in one. Or make the day shift. I’m glad the cashier was not hurt.


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