Is It Wrong That I’m Not Afraid of The Rolling 60s?

The Rolling 60s are a gang in Spartanburg that have made the news recently for trying to force a kid to join their gang, going so far as to “jump” him in then threaten to kill him if he didn’t toe the Rolling 60s line:

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Deputies have charged six teenagers in connection with the gang initiation and beating of a 15-year-old boy on Monday.

Investigators said they were called to a home on Broadway Street in Glendale at about 6 p.m.

Deputies said that when they arrived the boy’s mother said her son was assaulted by members of a gang called “Rolling 60s.” She said that her son was being forced to join the gang and was being “jumped in.” They said that this process involves physically assaulting a prospective gang member as part of an initiation.

Investigators said that after the teens beat the boy they threatened him and the lives of his family members if he refused orders from the gang.

The boy’s mother took him to an area hospital where he was treated for bruises to his chest.

Of the six three are 17 so their identities have been released. They are Michael Johnson,Justin Thigpen,and Elizabeth Weather. Here are their mugshots:

The Gang That Couln't Roll Straight

So I guess the orders they were warning the victim to never disobey were to meet them in the food court so that they can head to Hot Topic? Then they’ll buy some K2 and head over to Starbucks.

I’m sorry, I know criminals all start off as some bad kid somewhere but I’m betting we can disband the Rolling 60s with a couple of spankings and three months of being grounded. These kids are going to be eaten alive on the streets if they think they’re really going to claim turf and maybe it’s time for their parents to take away their Gangsta’ rap filled iPods and keep these little morons out of trouble.


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