Is the Lonnie Joe Saxon Prosecution Fair?

Doesn’t sound like it. Former Clemson University police chief Lonnie Joe Saxon was doing what many 64-year-olds do in this part of the country when he allegedly broke the law – trading at a flea market. We transplants from the north aren’t used to this but person to person sales in South Carolina (and many if not most southern states) are legal, meaning that if you hit a flea market bright and early you just might find yourself an old 12 gauge.

Even the government admits that this entire prosecution is based around one incident, which Saxon’s lawyers say was at a flea market, in which he “willfully transferred, sold, traded and delivered a firearm to a person known to the grand jury” who didn’t have a Federal Firearms License. But frankly, the almost fact free reporting on this makes me wonder if Saxon’s crime wasn’t sitting at some flea market and selling a gun to some ATF agent who was pretending to be from North Carolina. Either that or we’re supposed to believe a former police chief was dumb enough to cross state lines and sell his guns at flea markets outside of South Carolina.

But in either case is that enough to put an old man in jail for 10 years?


2 Responses to “Is the Lonnie Joe Saxon Prosecution Fair?”

  1. Mik mac on June 15th, 2012 3:28 pm

    Damn strait they should toss his azz in jail, he was a LEO for HOW many years??

    Ignorance is NO excuse for breaking the law!

    I wonder how many times he has told someone else that same line…

  2. Rob Taylor on June 15th, 2012 6:31 pm

    The line is ignorance of the law is no excuse – and Saxon was following SC state law. This one stinks to me.

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