James Dean Chapman Murdered His Mother in Tower East Apartments

The Tower East Apartment murder Fox Carolina has been following was wrapped up quickly due to the apparent confession of the elderly woman’s middle aged son James Dean Chapman. Chapman admitted to assaulting the woman and claimed he has wanted to kill her for years:

Upon arrival, police said James Dean Chapman, of 4 Mcghee St. in Greenville, opened the door of the apartment and admitted to uniformed police officers that he had just killed his mother, Margaret Carol Parker.

Police said Parker’s body was found on the living room floor, and officers said there was blood on her head and torso.

According to police, Chapman gave a statement and admitted to strangling, beating, stomping and kicking his mother to death.

Margret Parker, the victim, died of blunt force trauma and strangulation. James Dean Chapman will be going to jail, then Hell.


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