Josh C Bryant Memorial Online

Josh Bryant was gunned down defending his mother from an armed thug who entered the Greenville Dollar General where she was shopping. There is now a memorial page up that you can visit.

Please drop by to extend your condolences.

Josh C Bryant online memorial


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  1. Glen on May 24th, 2010 12:41 pm

    Red on the head like the dick of dawg! Gonna miss that son of a gun. One original firecracker.To me he was a son and a brother.Gonna miss those messages on my phone.”Hey its Red,whnucominovantseenunahilewesitnherewaitnonuhrrythuckupruvenheseeyathen.” Dang fool, I knew that was Red when the answering machine couldn’t keep up.When I saw him asked him what the hell he said. I be dang if I didn’t get the same reply.I would just knod and say OK.WTF. Couldn’t help but to love the fool. So much life,and dang if he didn’t kick it in the ass.

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