Josh Perini is Too Old for the Dine & Dash

Eating at a restaurant then running off before paying is something drunk high schoolers do, not something an adult would consider. But don’t tell that to Joshua Perini, who has been arrested for doing just that multiple times to downtown Greenville businesses between since December of last year.

He’s 29.

Police are telling restaurants to call 911 if the see him, as he’s now been banished (!?!) from the downtown. Personally I would say they should serve him a sandwich if the see him. A knuckle sandwich! Hi-yo!

But seriously can you imagine being 29 and doing this? Bad enough he looks like that but he’s an immature douchebag to boot. That my friends is a man who will die alone. Ladies, if you’re asked out on a date by Josh and for some inexplicable reason you accept bring your wallet.

Odds are he’s another one of these goddamn northeasterners moving down here to wreck up the place. Go back where you came from! I didn’t move out of NYC to live among the dregs of New Jersey.


2 Responses to “Josh Perini is Too Old for the Dine & Dash”

  1. William Bliss on July 7th, 2012 10:18 am

    Im a local residing in Daytona Beach FL. This scumbag is hanging around here now. My roommate Nancy brought him home one night and he began to act really strange. Hes been arrested 3 or 4 times recently. You can pull his pic up by going to volusia county corrections public access and follow the prompts. His last arrest photo is a hoot, But this cat is definetely suffering from some type of mental illness, If you have any questions, call me at 386 868 9061

  2. Dana on March 19th, 2015 3:57 pm

    This guy walked into a convenience store where I work recently and was acting very strange and staring me down like I was his next target or something. It took him forever to figure out how to pour a cup of coffee and another forever to figure out how to get the change out of his pockets to pay (along with all the rolling papers that fell out with the change). He continued to stand outside of the establishment staring me down through the window and eventually security, then the police were called. They found he had outstanding warrants and arrested him on the spot. He was apparently recently in a mental institution of some sort. We have a trespass warrant on this fellow now.

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