“Journalists” Stumped on How Unemployed Alvin Greene Came Up with $10,400

Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth

-Sherlock Holmes ,The Sign of Four

For the last week or so I have watched with some amusement while supposed journalists struggle with the strange case of Alvin Greene. The unemployed alleged pervert was able to put up the hefty $10,400 filing fee to run in the Democratic primaries even though he asked for a public defender in his lurid criminal case. While spinning odd conspiracy theories about the GOP running him (because they were terrified of Jim DeMint losing his seat? Really?) the “hard working” news agencies seem to have given up trying figure out where an unemployed man who often seems like he might be high came up with ten grand.

Hmmm. Let’s think about this. Alvin Greene is unemployed and lives with his parents. He was apparently booted out the military and speaks in the halting, confused manner of a long time pot smoker. He showed up at a computer lab on a college campus with nothing better to do than look at porn; a campus that some reports indicate had asked him not to hang around. While in that lab he hit on a teen by showing her porn and giggled about it, you know, like someone who was high.

Now let me think. Where would a person who spends a lot of time getting high get a large amount of cash? And what would such a person be doing on a college campus, where there are hundreds of kids looking to score weed at any one time?

Word on the street is that Greene, aside from being a card carrying communist who supports this North Korean propaganda outfit, is a low level dealer who remains low level because of he’s also a user. I’ll point out that this is just a rumor a semi-enterprising blogger with his ear to the ground heard from a chummer I like to call Dr. Know. But I’ll match my info to any of the culture vultures out there more who are more likely to try to figure out where I picked up these slang terms than how Greene makes his cash. All it would take is an intern and a $20 to test it out.

Instead these “journalists” are scratching their heads, outsmarted by Alvin Greene. It’s sad really. But what do I know? I’m not a “real” media outfit. I’ll leave figuring out Alvin Greene to the professionals.


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