Kathryn Isbell Falsely Reported Sexual Assault, Deputies Say

Kathryn Isbell, charged with filing a false felony reportThe Taylors woman who reported being sexually assaulted while walking her dog in the Pebble Creek subdivision last month has been charged with filing a false felony report.  Kathryn Elizabeth Isbell alleged that a mysterious man assaulted her on Nov. 10 and threatened to kill her if she reported the incident.  But after spending “a great deal of time” working the case, investigators found numerous discrepancies in Isbell’s story.

A release from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said Kathyrn Elizabeth Isbell, 23, was accompanied by her attorney when she turned herself in to authorities on Tuesday.

Greenville County sheriff’s Lt. Shea Smith said, “Our investigators were able to determine through the course of their investigation that this incident did not happen, and thus, that’s what led to the charges being filed today.

“They were able to look at the evidence that was collected in the case, as well as the information obtained from witnesses — people that had knowledge of this particular incident and based on that information — they were able to make that determination … At this time, we do not know what the motive may have been,” he said.

Kathryn Isbell was arraigned Tuesday afternoon and is expected back in court on Feb. 26, 2010.

When a Hofstra University student filed a false rape report earlier this year, there was significant media attention given to the chilling effect false rape claims can have on legitimate victims of sexual assault. False accusations are often not prosecuted because of the concern that future victims will be afraid to come forward.

But we are a nation of laws, and those laws must be respected. It appears that Kathryn Isbell thumbed her nose at the law and wasted the valuable time and resources of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.  She should be prosecuted accordingly.


30 Responses to “Kathryn Isbell Falsely Reported Sexual Assault, Deputies Say”

  1. Concerned on December 8th, 2009 8:31 pm

    What you don’t know, Joe Friday, is that often times, women are very afraid to come forward and do not have the proper evidence to show for the “incident” because they have waited too long. I suppose you wouldn’t know anything about that since you are a man and have no idea what it would be like to be sought out and attacked. Also, Kathryn has simply been charged and not convicted. There are always things you do not know about and I pray that justice is served to the man she has accused and to self-righteous “reporters” like you.

  2. Joe Friday, Greenville Dragnet on December 8th, 2009 9:09 pm


    1. I am a woman. You undermine your argument by assuming otherwise.

    2. You state that “Kathryn has simply been charged and not convicted.” That’s right, hence the use of the phrases “Deputies Say,” “investigators found,” and “it appears.” At no point did I insinuate that Ms. Isbell has been convicted. Your attack on my integrity is unfounded.

    3. I chose to include my final two paragraphs so I could offer commentary about the fact that women are indeed often afraid to come forward because they fear they will not be taken seriously. That issue is important to me, and should be addressed through careful legislation that balances the rights of the accused with the rights of the victim. So again, your attack on my integrity is absurd.

    4. If, as you insinuate (without proof), Ms. Isbell was indeed victimized, that will come out in due time and Greenville Dragnet will report on it.

    5. You “pray that justice is served to the man she has accused and to self-righteous ‘reporters’ like you.” What sort of justice is it that I deserve? That sounds suspiciously close to a threat. Would you like to reconsider that statement?

  3. Rob Taylor on December 8th, 2009 9:56 pm

    Let me guess – Concerned either raised this degenerate or is one of her drinking buddies.

    This woman could have put an innocent man in jail, where he would likely be raped for real. Not that an anonymous scumbag who makes thinly veiled Internet death threats would care. The true justice here will be when your friend is in jail and you’re getting a visit from authorities for threatening people.

  4. Carol Golden on December 8th, 2009 10:40 pm

    I pray that justice is served no matter whom the guilty party is and I agree that false accusations must be taken serious if we hope to have order in our culture.

  5. John Jackstrap on December 10th, 2009 8:50 pm

    She was a pretty promiscious girl at Wofford College.

  6. Rob Taylor on December 10th, 2009 9:02 pm

    If that’s true (which I doubt since some anonymous poster on the Internet is claiming it) so what? Plenty of “promiscuous” women don’t make false reports of rape and plenty of women who aren’t “promiscuous” make false reports.

    Air your dirty laundry elsewhere.

  7. Pres Garrett on December 12th, 2009 12:27 pm

    I know Katie, she is smart and nice. With her being so adamant about woman’s equality and power I just cannot imagine her falsely accusing anyone of this. I agree with concerned.

  8. Fern George on December 12th, 2009 6:28 pm

    Pres Garrett, Im sorry your friend is going through this but being smart and nice or even being a hardcore feminist activist doesnt mean she couldnt have a momentary lapse in judgement that spiraled out of control. Maybe even has a mental illness and this was an indication or cry for help but htats speculation. We just dont know. Look the investigators have to actually prove that no assautl happened. That cant be easy so without undeniable proof of a false report she wont be convicted. The cops must have had proof of some sort to get a warrant for her arest. Nobody who was friends with that Hofstra girl thought she was capable of lying to police either. Sorry for spelling and punctuation Im on my phone.

  9. Rob Taylor on December 13th, 2009 6:40 pm

    Pres Garrett-If by “smart and nice” you mean she’s White trash who concocted some ruse which, followed to it’s logical conclusion, would have ended with some innocent shmo being actually raped in prison.

    Understand that it is rare for anyone to get charged with false reporting, because most crimes have little evidence leading to police solving them in the first place. To get a warrant for her arrest police have to have evidence that she actually was lying about some piece of this. No one get’s charged with false reporting because police don’t have enough evidence, but because they have too much that points to a false report.

    We’ll see at the trial, but the defense that she’s a feminist thus wouldn’t false report rape is asinine. I remember when Andrea Dworkin claimed all consensual heterosexual sex was rape and she is still respected in academic circles. Feminist ideology does not preclude people from making false and defamatory statements.

  10. Michael on December 13th, 2009 6:42 pm

    Yup, the only person who would look bad is the police if they falsely arrested her for falsely reporting a crime. Though I do envy the cop who got to frisk her.

  11. Proud Friend of Katie on December 14th, 2009 12:23 am

    Calling her white trash is one of the most infuriating things I have witnessed in a long time, not to mention absurdly asinine. This is an honor student and a person that her local community can be proud of. Knowing her personally, I will say conclusively that she is an incredible person and anyone who is willing to call her “promiscious” is illiterate and ignorant.
    The burden here is on the state to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of putting on a case to erase reasonable doubt in a juror’s mind that she was attacked will be nearly impossible. This is an irresponsible indictment by the government because of their burden. It is also absurd because of the public policy it incites: discouraging women from coming forward with such tragic stories.
    Furthermore this is irresponsible reporting. It is slanderous and drags a potentially innocent person’s name through the mud. Anyone supporting this writer should be absolutely ashamed, your comments are abhorrent.

  12. Rob Taylor on December 14th, 2009 1:02 am

    Honor students can’t be White trash? Interesting theory. But what exactly would you call a woman who would, if the police theory of the crime is correct, be milking sympathy from easy marks like yourself while some guy who got caught up in her lie was being violently sodomized in prison?

    Or is being concerned for the victims of her perfidy “asinine” to you?

    As an aside, I don’t know where you hillbillies were raised but clearly English is not your first language. Here’s a list of words you should stay away from in the future because you clearly don’t know their definitions:






    It should be noted my anonymous troll friend that when one of your fellow undergrads/hipsters came here making the “promiscuous” charge I shut them down because it has no bearing on the case. But I do take issue with this odd theory that you all have that Kathryn Isbell is some sort of combination of Jesus, Ghandi and that twink from the Twilight movies people like you are always going on about.

    She’s “kind” and “incredible” and so awesome that merely posting a story using the facts every newspaper in the area published is some sort of Hell worthy sin. I say humbug. It’s preposterous to claim it’s irresponsible to relate an update to a crime story we already covered here. It’s absurd (and you’ll notice I’m using it here for something that actually strains credibility rather than something I just don’t like, please take note) to claim that because you know and like a person they simply can’t be guilty of a crime.

    By the way, have you sanctimoniously wagged your finger at MSNBC from which the block quote in the post above came? Are you really going to come here and claim that Greenville Dragnet, a local crime blog, is doing something wrong by blogging about local crime? Are you really that immersed in a sense of entitlement that you think when your friend is arrested you shouldn’t have to read any reports or commentary on her arrest lest it give you the vapors?

    Joe Friday wrote the post fairly and accurately. I’ve been in this game a long time and other crime blogs would have said worse about your little friend there, and a delicate flower like yourself would have probably gone comatose. But I suppose that’s the point isn’t it?

    Your actions have consequences. Your behavior invites responses from others. The supporters of Isbell came here attacking Joe Friday simply because they don’t believe that the public has a right to have an opinion about themselves or their friends. This is asinine. What’s worse is that after you have invited the response you claim it’s “ignorant” and perhaps more bizarrely “illiterate” (since anyone illiterate would not have written a response clearly) for people to not simply ignore you and let you spread all sorts of smears against the cops who you seem to be accusing of conspiring to crucify your “incredible” friend in some sort of Passion of the Hipster D-Bag Christmas special.

    Grow up. I find it interesting that unlike some others you haven’t come out and claimed she is innocent, just that the state will never be able to prove their case. While I’m sure we can all be confident of the legal advice dispensed by anonymous complainers on the web I look forward to seeing how the trial plays out and if she is found guilty I hope she gets the max.

  13. Proud Friend of Katie on December 14th, 2009 9:53 am

    You must have done so well on your SAT tests! For all of your adept use of a Thesaurus, I applaud you. However, one word you may want to find a substitute for is “white trash”. Your affinity for it discredits your argument and reverts what you support as relaying the facts into mere name calling.
    In your diatribe you ask supporters of Katie, “But what exactly would you call a woman who would, if the police theory of the crime is correct, be milking sympathy from easy marks like yourself while some guy who got caught up in her lie was being violently sodomized in prison?” This is a perfectly reasonable question. However, the article in question draws conclusions on the “appearance” of the case without any knowledge of the underlying facts save the charges against her.
    Further, the article and your comments do not simply relay facts. They presuppose her guilt and attack her character for doing nothing more than coming forward to request assistance from the police. She is protected in this regard, and until it is proven that she falsified this report, beyond a reasonable doubt, no more should be assumed.
    Now, you talk about “some guy who got caught up in her lie was being violently sodomized in prison”. I will remind you that in the article it makes no mention of any accusations of specific suspects by her. In order to arraign someone for this alleged assault, the police would have had to build a case with evidentiary foundations and the jury would have had to convict him based on these foundations. By the way, this is the same standard you appear to believe has been reached by the police since “No one get’s charged with false reporting because police don’t have enough evidence, but because they have too much that points to a false report”.
    Let’s throw due process out of the window on this one, bypass the trial and convict her on your logic. Sounds great. What law school did you fail out of, if you don’t mind me asking?
    I can’t wait to hear back from you, until then I will be enjoying the holidays, watching the latest “Passion of the Hipster D-Bag Christmas special”. My compliments on that one.

  14. Wofford Alum on December 14th, 2009 10:18 am

    I just found out this morning about my sorority sister. I was never very close with her, and it’s a horrible situation for everyone involved. I agree with Rob’s statement that people are entitled to their own opinion, and yes, this article could have slammed her, but it didn’t. None of us want to believe that this was a lie if in actuality it was. Yes, she is a very sweet woman – doing things for others and being friendly were some of her best qualities. Sometimes people suffer from psychological problems, and that may be the case here. It’s not my place to say she’s innocent or guilty; however, freedom of speech is one of American’s rights. But in the process of expressing your opinion, where does being rude, making derogatory comments about Katie’s friends and supporters, and then insisting to have the last word get you? If you’ve been in this business, you should know how to state your opinion – is it really worth being so crass in the end? If you want to be a respected reporter, it’s simple to state your opinion without using a sarcastic, degrading tone and saying such crass things. I respect your opinion, Rob, but be professional. These are people’s lives that are being affected. It’s a shame that this happened, and if she is guilty, I pray that she does seek help because this is a huge crime. No one deserves to be falsely accused, and I hope that the truth does come out, and that she can learn from this, guilty or not.

  15. Rob Taylor on December 14th, 2009 3:42 pm

    “Proud friend of Katie”- I did indeed do quite well on SAT though I frankly believe it’s been dumbed down and is not a real indicator of accumulated knowledge. I blame the schools for this; the same one’s that haven’t taught you what a red herring is.

    I don’t need a thesaurus to post comments, I’m simply well read which clearly you’re not or you’d be able to see that Joe Friday’s post was very fair to your degenerate friend, while my comment does indeed side with police. They are in fact two different opinions. I assume reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Luckily the SAT has a math section.

    Your argument is fairly commonplace on crime blogs. You’re using the “nobody but God can judge” defense where some family member of friend of a criminal shows up in the comments of a blog and in essence says that crime blogs don’t have a right to comment on crime related stories. Sometimes they’ll say things like “only God can judge” but sometimes, as in your case, they’ll partly mutilate the language in an attempt to avoid the pious sanctimony.

    Your grasp of law is poor, but your lack of investigative skill is truly concerning. What is most amusing though is your naiveté. She didn’t accuse anyone specific but she did provide a general description to police, or would have.

    How many people would have gotten dragged into a line up to see if they matched the general description? Or how can you be sure that while looking through a photo array she wouldn’t have fingered some one once detectives started to seem skeptical?

    Your entire argument about evidence is undercut by your demand that we rely on the good word of anonymous whiners on the web that this woman is a “good” person because you say so. And if we can’t trust the friends of an accused criminal who won’t give their names who can we trust? Bah!

    There is no “due process” on a crime blog. There is commentary on crime related stories and more importantly the archiving of criminality for locals, so that people can always remember that this happened.

  16. Rob Taylor on December 14th, 2009 3:58 pm

    Wofford Alum – Sorry to hurt your feelings princess, but I’m not a reporter. I am a much maligned and hated blogger which is different. Crime blogging isn’t news reporting, it is opinion and commentary. It’s a cross between criminology, anthropology, and opinion journalism. Mixing it up in the comments is part of the job. You should see how “crass” I am on other sites where people have claimed molesting children is harmless, or that the drug using parents who kill their children accidentally “just made a mistake” or other such nonsense.

    I point this out because that is what Isbell’s friends are doing as well. Greenville Dragnet isn’t Isbell’s problem in the short term (indeed if she was cleared we’d write about that too) but many of them know she is guilty and are venting their frustrations here. Like addicts at an intervention, the friends of criminals need to be confronted with the truth (nice people aren’t always law abiding, your love for a person doesn’t mitigate their guilt) before they can heal -and testify about what role they may have played!

    But if you want people to silently accept angry criticism (like “concerned” above, who got this ball rolling with a thinly veiled death threat against my co-blogger) then I fear there is no crime blog that will fit your needs. This is a rough and tumble business and I don’t hold the hands of people who think that they’re entitled to not have their friend’s public arrest record commented on.

  17. RobTaylorCanSuckIt on December 15th, 2009 10:25 am

    Rob Taylor,
    You sir are an idiot. I get your going for the whole devil’s advocate blogger-personality, but when it comes to discussing “the law”, you are out of your league. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but someone with your lack of knowledge on a subject should take a nice punch in the stomach everytime you run your mouth. “No Due Process in a crime blog”???? I’m sure your walking around knowledge of Due Process which came from a Wikipedia page might seem adequate to you, but if you really think that Due Process has no place in a blog discussing criminal prosecution by the state of SC of a girl ACCUSED of a making a false report, then you should make yourself a nice bleach cocktail and take yourself out of the game for good. By the way I’m sure you really hit a homerun with those SAT scores if your trying to make a name for yourself blogging, your use of adjectives really makes you come across as a bright guy.

  18. Wofford Alum on December 15th, 2009 12:40 pm

    I’m not going to stoop low to your “princess” comments and again you’re lack of respect and derogatory demeanor. I have no idea what the truth is and neither do you or anyone other than Katie. The only point I was attempting to make with you was that yes, have your opinion, but don’t be such a prick. People really care about Katie WHETHER OR NOT she is guilty. Her friends will stand by her and help her work through whatever reason she falsely reported a man of these charges (IF she is guilty). Sweet or not, she’s human. All of us are going to sin and make mistakes for whatever reason. Hopefully, justice will be served if she is guilty and she can receive whatever help she needs, but yes, most of us are hoping this isn’t true. Definitely agree with RobTaylorCanSuckIt that if you did so well on the SAT when it was an actual judge of your intelligence (rather than being dumbed down for the rest of us), why the hell are you a blogger? I hope that’s not your day job, and even if it’s not, WHO SITS ON THE GREENVILLE DRAGNET NEWS SITE FOR FUN AND MAKES AN ASS OUT OF HIMSELF? I know Katie, and I’m not biased either way. I hope for innocence, and if she’s guilty, then I think she should be punished. No way am I disagreeing with you – I simply said in the end, where does being an arrogant asshole get you? NO WHERE. IT’S A BLOG READ BY A FEW PPL. Just state your facts and opinions like a grown, mature man/woman. You can argue valid points and still do it respectfully and maturely. Plain and simple – and the thing is, you’ll sit here and write me a page full of comments saying the same exact thing you’ve written in your last 6 posts. xo, Princess

  19. Rob Taylor on December 15th, 2009 4:11 pm

    I find it odd that “RobTaylorcansuckit” who posted from a law office doesn’t understand that “Due Process” is a term that has to do with legal proceedings and not with websites devoted to crime. The true idiot here my not quite anonymous friend who is using their work computer to post comments unaware that Chappell, Smith and Arden network I.P. leaves a very distinct signature and also unaware that blogs simply don’t exist to stroke you or your scumbag friends.

    But maybe I’ll call your employers to see if they agree with you that crime blogging, like a court of law, requires that the subjects of its posts get some sort of virtual due process. I’m sure that little theory will push your career to stellar heights.

    And yes I did well on my SATS, just as I did well when I got my degree and my Masters from Wesleyan University. The real Wesleyan not the one down here. So what? I run my own business and spend time with my family. I guess that makes me a loser while the anonymous troll clerking at a law firm is who should truly aspire to be.

    Hey I have an idea! Why don’t you just cut through the chase and threaten me with a bogus lawsuit like all the people who defend degenerates do? Then you can see me “use Wikipedia” again to prove that you have no idea what due process means.

  20. Rob Taylor on December 15th, 2009 4:43 pm

    Wofford Alum-

    A)You say “I’m not going to stoop low to your “princess” comments and again you’re lack of respect and derogatory demeanor.”

    Well perhaps you can stoop high to my comment. You also mean “your” and I’m not sure you really know what derogatory means. I am sure that you missed my point. Why should I respect people who came here and threatened my co-worker while mounting a defense of someone the police have publicly stated filed false rape reports?

    Did “concerned” respect Joe Friday when he lodged that threat?

    B)”The only point I was attempting to make with you was that yes, have your opinion, but don’t be such a prick. ”

    Why? Should I grovel to people who have an unwarranted sense of superiority to me due to their “White privilege” as the kids say these days? Seems a bit racist.

    C)”Her friends will stand by her and help her work through whatever reason she falsely reported a man of these charges (IF she is guilty). Sweet or not, she’s human. All of us are going to sin and make mistakes for whatever reason.”

    And here we truly disagree. Making a false rape charge isn’t a mistake and I reserve judgment on whether it is a “sin” but instead it is the end result of a person who has unlimited support even when she’s wrong. You’re (as in you are) part of her problem if you minimize her criminality by claiming she’s “just made a mistake” but she’s too sweet to suffer the consequences of her actions. If she’s found guilty I would hope rather than stroking here you’d allow her to hit her rock bottom and decide to change.

    Again I ask if the cops had picked up a guy for her rape what would your “sweet” friend have done? What if an innocent man went to prison, or just spent the rest of his like being suspected of a rape in a small city? Would you be supporting him?

    D)”Definitely agree with RobTaylorCanSuckIt that if you did so well on the SAT when it was an actual judge of your intelligence (rather than being dumbed down for the rest of us), why the hell are you a blogger?”

    The SATs were always lacking and never were meant to measure intelligence (and they barely measure knowledge) but to answer your question I started blogging while getting my Masters, liked it and am happy to do it because I get to work at home with my wife. Maybe this is odd to you but I like spending time with my family and blogs give me the free time to do that.

    Oh, but you didn’t really want an answer did you? Just a desperate attempt to make me feel bad as if what some emo-twinks who can’t be bothered to sign a comment with their real name think of me would matter. I’ll cry into my wife’s bosom tonight surely knowing that you don’t respect my line of work.


    Is it the angry troll typing out insults in all caps?

    F) No way am I disagreeing with you – I simply said in the end, where does being an arrogant asshole get you? NO WHERE. IT’S A BLOG READ BY A FEW PPL.”

    So why do you care? Though I should point out in the less two months of existence we have already ranked higher in searches than some of the local news websites and our traffic pattern shows a sustainable growth putting us on target for 30,000-60,000 unique views a month by the end of the next fiscal quarter. I mention this just in case you or any of your friends who work for law firms (like Chappell, Smith and Arden) would like to advertise with us.

    G)”Just state your facts and opinions like a grown, mature man/woman. You can argue valid points and still do it respectfully and maturely.”

    Why? Because you and your friends were so respectful of Joe Friday? I assume you’re in your early 20s since you have that odd sense of entitlement that people in that generation have. Are you really claiming I should respect people who don’t respect me? Why would I do that? Why would a person who comes here to make a thinly veiled death threat against a friend of mine be treated with anything but disrespect by me? This is where you lose me. I am not a serf, I am not a slave. I will not disrespect myself by “respecting” people who insult or threaten me or my friends.

    I notice you all studiously avoid the threatening tone of “concerned” above. Maybe your lawyer friends can explain the legalities of communicating threats online to you while they go over due process.

    And finally darlin’ if you think I’m too repetitive either get what I’m saying through your thick head or play with someone else. But are you admitting, as you seem to be, that my last six responses are all to the exact same person moving from place to place to make it look like your friend is just smothered with love?

  21. Proud Friend of Katie on December 15th, 2009 5:23 pm

    Thank you for your tutorial on the in’s and out’s of a crime blog and the lack of process its subjects receive. You have successfully highlighted the fact that this site is little more than a forum for cynical, paranoid, lamentable individuals such as yourself to have an audience of like-minded morons. I am glad that my reading comprehension problems keep me from frequenting it, except to defend a good person from being slandered (yes, Rob, calling her white trash and a degenerate is slanderous).
    You’re right, no constitutional protections such as Due Process exist on this garbage website but if you would like to have credibility when blogging about criminal proceedings you should probably acknowledge the way the justice system works in this country.
    I would like to make it clear that in none of my previous comments have I ever taken the “only God can judge” defense and I certainly believe in the merits of commenting on crime related stories. I simply ask for some maturity and responsibility. The words “Hipster D-Bag” and “twink from Twilight” do not fall under these headings. In your own words: grow up Rob.
    Yes Rob, I base my argument on a request for evidence. You criticize me for asking for it to be produced by people willing to condemn a person who has simply been accused of a wrong. You say that I should produce evidence instead of relying on her reputation or my knowledge of her character. Well my misinformed friend, that is not the way the law works. Those advocating guilt have the task of producing evidence. Without such production, Katie will be acquitted and will resume the wonderful life that she has worked so hard to create for herself. That life should not be marred in the mean time by baseless commentary.
    Until evidence is shown I will support Katie against the real degenerates: individuals like yourself who are willing to smear the names of a human being going through an unspeakable event, all for your own enjoyment.
    If this blog is for community awareness, speak the facts and get on with your life. Do not sit here and spray this garbage at people. You say you have a family? Have some respect for her and hers.
    Argue with me; that’s fine. Come back on her with snide remarks and over use of the words “thinly veiled” (I can see now that you don’t use a thesaurus and you’re not as well read as you think you are). I can take it. But leave the sophomoric name calling and attacks to someone’s character who you don’t know out of it. Your website will be more credible and better serve its community that way.

  22. Rob Taylor on December 15th, 2009 5:55 pm

    Since slander usually refers to spoken defamation I assume you mean your friend is being libeled. However if you read up on the court cases you’ll see that the calling someone a name on your blog is not defamatory. To have libeled your friend I’d need to make up a false claim designed to hurt her reputation. Since my belief that a person caught by cops making up a false claim about a brutal crime is “trash” is a clearly subjective opinion there is no defamation.

    You are perhaps trying defaming me by claiming I used the term “twink from Twilight” when I didn’t but even that isn’t defamatory, just evidence of how you skim comments rather than read them before forming an opinion.

    I notice you haven’t asked the people (or shall we say sock puppets) who have made death threats to show any maturity. I’d say you’re a hypocrite but then you’d ramble out something incomprehensible about thesaurus use again.

    Why my dear troll are you asking me for evidence of your friend’s guilt? Why not the cops who charged her? Why not the newspapers from whence the story comes? This is a straw man. What you are requesting is that your “friends” be allowed to threaten my co-blogger anonymously (I left out the thinly veiled part since it bothers you for a reason that is unclear) without response. I ask you again why?

    Why are you demanding the respect you will not sow to Joe Friday? Why do you think you deserve respect from someone you have insulted? Who are you to be treated better than you and your friends treat Joe Friday?

    Your version of “serving the community” is for the writers on my blog to serve as punching bags for your friends and the comments to be used to smear the police as liars. This is what is sophomoric. The police don’t believe, after an investigation, that Isbell went through anything but taxpayer money. If you have some proof of their wrong doing you could have presented it. Instead you and your supposed friends have wished death on us because we’re the only site willing to give you a platform.

    Yet even then it’s not enough because like a spoiled child you’re upset that we dare respond to you with the same level of respect the first comment (an Isbell supporter) on this post displayed.

    We give you more than due process. We give you the freedom to present yourself to readers as you are. We will not edit these comments or take them down. That’s the best service to the community there is. People can see exactly who you are and what kind of people Isbell is surrounded by.

    You are not special. You and your friends are not more entitled to respect than Joe Friday. Maybe your parents and teachers and the barista at Starbucks will tolerate your elitism and self-involvement but I will not. This is what truly bothers you but it is actually doing you a favor. I’m treating you the same way you treat others, and once you’re not a “fun” and interesting young person this is how everyone will treat you when you’re acting like this. If you want polite discourse you must be polite. If you want respect you must earn it. That’s the truth and the people in your life that do not hold you to that standard are the ones who are really hurting you.

  23. Proud Friend of Katie on December 15th, 2009 11:27 pm

    HAHAHAHA ROBBBB! I didn’t realize that we were talking with the “Rob Taylor (Some of you may know me as Rob Jackson) the Internets most well known (and hated) Bi-racial Republican Pagan. 300 death threats and counting!” Hahaha. You’re a celebrity!

    I thought I was talking with an intelligent human being, not a fundamentalist cartoon character. Rob, were all of these death threats as scary as “I pray that justice is served?” Because that is not a death threat, so don’t go padding your stats, son.

    You’re a clown and you don’t deserve the respect I was trying to give you. If anyone wants to see this joker’s myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/hellfireblogs. The guy is a quack who gets off on pissing other people off.

    One of his friends on myspace is “hardcore school girl”. And that big fancy book learnin’ at Wesleyan got his occupation status all the way to “Occupation: Poverty Stricken Blogger”. Sounds like you’re really content with that job, you know, with all the time you get to spend with your family.

    Have fun wearing sweatpants in your trailer while you annoy people doing better than yourself. Oh and you use the words “elitist”, “sanctimony”, and “perfidy” way too much in your articles. If that Master’s is in English, you are a failure. But look in the mirror, I’m sure you can see that for yourself.

  24. Rob Taylor on December 16th, 2009 12:05 am

    Since I promote Greenville Dragnet on Red Alerts I’m not sure why it took you three days to link them together since you’re so familiar me. That’s great sleuthing though. What’s next are you going to figure out that the Twitter account that automatically updates when I post on Red Alerts is mine as well? Or are you going to find my Facebook page? Did you know I also work with Pagans against Child Abuse?

    This is the first time I’ve been called a fundamentalist though so at least I got a good laugh out of it. I guess I’m now the web’s only fundamentalist pagan.

    I almost forgot about that MySpace account. But “Hardcore Schoolgirl” Tara Bush was at one time a great Indy circuit wrestler who was until recently an Internet model and I’m proud of the promotional work we did together which was indeed lucrative. Again I’m not sure why you think the fact that I blogged on sites that covered wrestling, models etc would be embarrassing. Is it because the mildly risqué material sets immature people like yourself into fits of giggling or are you just given to finger waggery and profoundly disturbed by my promotion of a model who never appeared nude?

    Either way this is simply an ad hominem argument that only proves you have a problem with Bi-racial people, republicans or pagans. None of this has anything at all to do with the post above.

    I also notice you edit your original threat, as if we can’t see it above. You said “I pray that justice is served to the man she has accused and to self-righteous “reporters” like you.” which implies that Joe Friday was going to get some sort of “justice” that, since she hasn’t been pinched by the police, would be coming from elsewhere. But way to have a spine.

    I’m sorry sarcasm and humor is above you. Next time I describe my occupation I’ll say “web content developer” so as not to confuse people.

    Now if I’m such a failure why are you so upset by what I think? Hmmm. Why, if I’m so unimportant, are you putting all this effort into me? That’s a question I’ll let readers ponder.

    You can never use the term perfidy too much by the way. As for elitist – are you really saying that nothing you wrote doesn’t reek of White privilege and elitism? Come now.

  25. Wofford Alum on December 16th, 2009 11:09 am

    Rob: Writing this while at work – sorry I messed up ONE usage of the word you’re vs. your. Trust me, I got a better education if you check ANY Forbes or Princeton list… but I mean hey, those are probably rigged too in your opinion. Oh, and my usage of derogatory was correct – belittling is one of the definitions.. thanks.

    You say my “friends and myself” are threatening you or Joe Friday. Funny, because I never did so. State facts please. You claim you don’t care what anyone is saying; however, you feel the need to defend yourself against EVERY person who’s commented against you. So yes, you do care.

    I’d be more than happy to tell you my name, but I would rather not hurt any of my classmate’s feelings by not saying “OMG I KNOW SHE DIDN’T DO IT! SHE NEVER WOULD!” etc. It’s a possibility no matter how “sweet” any person is.

    Your comment about why respect others: “Because you and your friends were so respectful of Joe Friday? I assume you’re in your early 20s since you have that odd sense of entitlement that people in that generation have. Are you really claiming I should respect people who don’t respect me? Why would I do that?”

    -You say you come from an older generation. Not once have I meant any disrespect to you (I was raised with manners which I try to truly mean at all times with anyone, especially elders). I was simply trying to get you to see that if you handled yourself in an appropriate, mature manner as well as sticking to just stating facts as opposed to sorry cut-downs (which I’m sure you think are funny… must be the age gap again), then MAYBE people might respect what you have to say. Yes, someone attacked YOUR FRIEND. You attacked my classmate, but you don’t see me stooping to that level and attacking you for that. I just know that I would be embarrassed saying the things that you do (as well as other rude comments from others). Opinions and facts are actually listened to and taken in (more chance of it at least) when they’re delivered in a fashion that is worthy of respect.

    Lastly, you cut down everyone else on here – you spend hours writing and coming up with sarcastic comebacks. You say you can’t let anyone disrespect you without voicing your opinion – but why not be the bigger person, know in your mind that you’re right, and simply let people state their opinions as well. You are arguing with several 23 year olds… how immature does that make you look? I can tell you most 23 year olds don’t have the years of experience and/or the maturity to rise above it while you have at least several years on them. Again, you’re arguing with anonymous 23 year olds. Why would you want to spend your time doing so? You can answer that question (as I know you will – a huge, long, sarcastic blog) – but really. Go decorate your house for Christmas, do some actual work, or go shopping for your wife. I’m sure she’d appreciate that more than knowing you are bantering back and forth with young adults. Let them or anyone feel entitled. I don’t – I just think you’d have A LOT MORE LUCK if you delivered yourself in a more professional way, especially since you said this is part of your job/jobs.

  26. Wofford Alum on December 16th, 2009 11:22 am

    One last thing since you choose to be so rude:

    “I guess that makes me a loser while the anonymous troll clerking at a law firm is who should truly aspire to be.”

    You left out an I…. “is who I should truly aspire to be.” C’mon, Wesleyan.

  27. Wofford Alum on December 16th, 2009 11:33 am

    Another one! FYI, I’m bored at work so feel free to say I have too much time on my hands!

    “Now if I’m such a failure why are you so upset by what I think?”

    Again, if you have an introductory adverb clause, you must use a comma following the clause (for example, see the sentence I just formed).

  28. What’s With All the False Reports in South Carolina? : Greenville Dragnet on January 13th, 2010 1:59 pm

    [...] Gilmer filed a false police report last year where he claimed he was threatened over the phone. Kathryn Isbell is believed to have made up a report about a brutal rape. Two men were caught pretending they were carjacked while t oudrinking. 16-year-old Pearl Brown [...]

  29. thought u thought on February 9th, 2010 1:31 pm

    She was a straight up slut at Wade Hampton. I mean she definitely lied for the attention. I don’t know why you would think otherwise.

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