Korey Love Denied Bail in Issac Bass Murder

One of the men who brutally gunned down Issac Bass was denied bail today due to his being a danger to the community and more importantly, his family’s attempts to help him flee South Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A judge denied bond today for the man accused of shooting a Wendy’s restaurant employee in Greenville three years ago.

Last month, police charged Korey Love, 21, of Taylors, with murder, attempted armed robbery and two weapons violations in the death of Isaac Bass.


During Love’s bond hearing, the prosecutor said someone driving by called 911, but did not stop, after hearing gun shots and seeing two young men running away from the restaurant.

“The passer-by would not stop because they were afraid of violence,” wept Marvelin Bass, the victim’s father. “Why would you turn another violent person loose?”

But wait, it gets worse:

(Assistant Solicitor Lisa) Bentley told Judge Robin Stilwell that Love’s arrest follows information investigators received from the defendant’s relatives.

This relative had overheard this defendant confess to his father that he had gone to Wendy’s in an attempt to rob the store and had ended up shooting a man outside that had tried to stop him,” Bentley said.

The prosecutor also said Love was dating an employee at Wendy’s and had planned for weeks to rob the store.

Bentley described Love as a flight risk who had no close relatives in the area.

His father is trying to get him out of South Carolina and away from these pending charges,” Bentley told the judge.

Frankly his father should be charged as an accessory after the fact. Let’s pray for justice for the Bass family.


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  2. christian on February 8th, 2012 11:37 pm

    How is it that someone committee murder but yet then enlists into active duty in the marines and is extradited from Japan! Its crazy but I pray justice will be served for the guys who killed my brother..

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