Lee County Sheriff’s Sergeant Melissa Feagin is a (Very) Dirty Cop

Kind of in the good way … unless you object to wasting taxpayer money on gas so some cop by day/bar whore by night can have a few extra bucks to by jello shots with. That is apparently what happened when Greenville County deputies stumbled upon our dirty and hopefully hot police woman in Disco Mexicali in the early hours a few days ago.

Well, first one of the officers spotted a Lee County police cruiser there around 2:00am. Deputy A.T. Edwards originally assumed the car was stolen when he first saw it, which should tell you what kind of bar Feagin was frequenting. While trying to figure out why the car was there, Feagin came out to try to talk her way out of the situation. Thus begins the greatest police report of all time:

Deputy A.T. Edwards, suspecting the Lee County unit may be stolen, ran the tag number through DMV dispatchers and the National Crime Information Center, according to Edwards’ report. Edwards then called his shift supervisor to report the incident.

Around 2:00 a.m., McNeeley called Lee County dispatchers and asked for the county’s on duty supervisor to report finding the car. Meanwhile, Edwards wrote that Sgt. Feagin walked up to him outside the club and told him, “she was here to try to find her brother who works construction in the Upstate, and that his truck had broken down,” according to the report. “Sgt. Feagin stated her brother was possibly inside the Mexicali Disco and she had a security officer attempting to locate him,” Edwards wrote.

The Greenville County deputy went on to describe Feagin’s clothing, “wearing a low cut white top to where I could see a tattoo on her chest/breast area,” Edwards reported, “and the shirt did not come down far enough to meet the top of her blue jeans.”

Feagin then told the deputy that she was leaving the club after giving up on her search for her brother.

The story Feagin told the Greenville County deputy did not match up to what one of the club’s managers told. The manager said “that the white female (Feagin) police officer was not looking for anyone, and that her boyfriend was a security officer who was on duty at the club this evening,” Edwards reported.

Needless to say Melissa Feagin has been suspended without pay pending an investigation. Her superiors say she had no business being in Greenville with the car and there is a 911 recording of her trying to head off problems by calling in and weaving the same unbelievable yarn she tried to spin with Deputy Edwards. Where I’m from that’s called tampering.

It sounds like she’ll get off easy however. They’re talking about demoting her to corporal and cutting her pay. I’m sure she can make up for it by giving out lap dances at whatever narco-corrido club she likes to frequent.


2 Responses to “Lee County Sheriff’s Sergeant Melissa Feagin is a (Very) Dirty Cop”

  1. The Truth on June 2nd, 2011 4:53 pm

    “I’m sure she can make up for it by giving out lap dances at whatever narco-corrido club she likes to frequent.”

    Another stupid fuckin’ comment. Your otherwise positive messages are being undercut by this bigotry.

  2. Rob Taylor on June 2nd, 2011 6:06 pm

    You’re saying it’s “bigotry” to say a cop shouldn’t be hanging around clubs that cater to the drug cowboy sub-culture? How exactly is that “bigotry” in the same way racism or sexism is?

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