Local Media: Man Killed in Dollar General Had it Coming

Last Tuesday afternoon when Joshua Bryant took his mother to the Dollar General on Augusta Road, he decided to wait for her in the car and enjoy the day. While sitting in his car he saw a man wearing a bandanna as a mask and carrying a gun enter the store. The dutiful son ran into the store to protect his mother and was murdered.

By any standard he died a hero.

Police have arrested a 23-year-old thug named Tremain Orlando Davis for the crime. But an interesting thing happened to this story when the local media got to it. The narrative changed to subtly (and in some cases not so subtly) imply that Joshua Bryant brought his death on himself by being unreasonable, and that compliance with criminals is not only to be expected but is indeed what civilized people should do.

Compliance with criminality doesn’t work. One need only ask those who survived encounters with Ted Bundy what saved them and they will tell you clearly that they fought for their lives; those who didn’t were raped and murdered. What did compliance with gunmen get Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom? What did compliance with gunmen get the victims of the Wichita Massacre?

Those are questions, and cases, the media doesn’t deal with mainly because the mainstream media deals in illusion, not reality. The news media is populated with people who see the world through a post-modernist lens; class and race warfare colored glasses that alter their very perceptions of reality and truth. Thus the average reporter runs into this story of tragic heroism and condescendingly frames it as suicide by crook by one of the rubes they need to buy their papers but have no respect for.

For example here’s how Fox Carolina describes the death of Joshua Bryant:

Deputies said that shortly after that, Bryant saw a man wearing a bandanna and carrying a gun walk into the store. They said that Bryant went in after him to check on his mother.

Investigators said that Bryant and the gunman, who they believe planned to rob the store, argued. Then the gunman shot and killed Bryant and fled the store with $194 in cash, investigators said.

Now I’m not a professional journalist, but when a man runs into the store his mother is shopping in to confront a thug with a gun, I would probably use a verb other than argued. This makes it sound almost as if Bryant was looking for trouble. But this is nowhere near as disgusting as WYFF.com’s write up, which tries to humanize the coldblooded murderer.

Behold the absolute pinnacle of hug-a-thug reporting:

“I mean, I wasn’t expecting someone to be Superman, you know?” Davis said as guards walked him into the Greenville County Detention Center Wednesday night.

According to the victim’s brother, Roger Bryant, the victim and the shooter started fighting before shots were fired.

“From what I was told, they got into an altercation, wrestling around, then he shot him in the neck. Killed him,” Bryant said.

When asked if he had anything to say to the victim’s family, Davis gave a one-word answer: “Apologies.”

Well, if he apologizes all is well, no? So the victim and shooter just started fighting and shots were fired according to this report. Again it makes Bryant’s actions seem unreasonable, as if these were two drunks brawling in the street. Tremain Orlando Davis went to hold up the store Bryant’s mother was shopping at and Bryant, heroically, intervened and perhaps saved the lives of others. Would it kill WYFF to throw his grieving family that bone, since it’s the truth?

Davis, the murderer, is even given a little extra ink in the piece to tell his family he loves them. The same family that raised him to think it was acceptable to stick up Dollar General and murder anyone who tried to stop him.

Where’s the ink on how well Josh Bryant was raised? Where is the praise for a man who died defending his mother and all the other people in that store? Where are the kind words and thoughts for Bryant’s mother, who judging by her son’s heroism is an exemplary woman?

They’re not coming. Ever. Even now commenters on the WYFF story are lamenting the fact that “two mothers” lost their sons today. This is disgusting moral relativism driven by the media’s contempt for anyone they don’t understand. Davis isn’t dead, he is going to prison where he obviously belongs. That the media feeds the idea somehow Davis going to prison is equal in tragedy to Joshua Bryant being murdered by Davis is the most obvious example of the ivory tower pseudo-intellectualism that is killing the print media.

Joshua Bryant is a hero. It’s too bad we have a media in this country that won’t tell you that. Instead they sneer at defiance in the face of criminality because they don’t understand it, and they equate thugs and heroes because they can understand neither.


33 Responses to “Local Media: Man Killed in Dollar General Had it Coming”

  1. Kim on April 29th, 2010 5:55 pm

    You are an ass. A complete and total ass. How dare you attack my family. You wrote: Davis, the murderer, is even given a little extra ink in the piece to tell his family he loves them. The same family that raised him to think it was acceptable to stick up Dollar Generals and murder anyone who tried to stop him.
    His family raised him to be a good person and to have respect for human life. Tremaine’s decision to rob the Dollar General was his, not his families. What gives you the right to assume how he was raised. You don’t know anything about Tremiane or his family. You should get your facts before you start reporting lies. What you have said about his family is slander and libel and the last time I checked a person could be sued for that.

  2. Rob Taylor on April 29th, 2010 6:00 pm

    It’s not slander or libel (which are actually two different things by the way) to point out that a murderer (and he admitted on camera to killing Bryant0 wasn’t raised right. It’s an opinion.

    If Tremaine respected human life why is Josh Bryant dead? If Tremaine was a good person why is he knocking over dollar generals? He’s a thief and a murderer, and will burn in hell for his crime as will the people who defend him.

  3. Joe Friday on April 29th, 2010 6:05 pm

    Kim wrote: “His family raised him to be a good person and to have respect for human life.”

    The bullet in Josh Bryant says otherwise.

  4. Kim on April 29th, 2010 7:17 pm

    I’m just trying to figure out why you are trying to hold his family responsible for his actions. Tremaine actions were his own and not those of his family you assholes. I never said Tremaine didn’t kill Mr. Bryant. You slandered his mother by assuming she raised Tremaine to think it was okay to rob stores and murder people. That is slander. I assume you as a “reporter” would know that. Yes, it’s your opinion and not fact. A person’s family can’t be help responsible for what their child does. What Tremaine did was not his mother’s or father’s faults you narrowminded people.
    Tremaine will be punished for what he has done, bur I am not going to let people like you continue to attack his family.

  5. Joe Friday on April 29th, 2010 7:38 pm

    Kim wrote: “Tremaine will be punished for what he has done, bur I am not going to let people like you continue to attack his family.”

    Is that a threat?

  6. Rob Taylor on April 29th, 2010 7:42 pm

    It’s not slander (read a book or consult a lawyer) and I never said you’re responsible for his actions, but that you are all partially responsible for his character.

    I was raised by a single mother in East Orange NJ (look it up, it’s a ghetto) in the 70s and was the only Bi-racial person in a all Black town. There were gangs, shootings, crack addicts etc. I’ve had guns pulled on me three times, been shot at once and jumped several times.

    But I never busted a cap in anyone and I never robbed a store even though I grew up dirt poor and at one point was even on welfare. Guess why?

    Because I was taught right from wrong. Tremaine clearly was not. He was taught that life is cheap, that he is entitled to money and having his desires met and that smirking while saying “apologies” to the family of a man he just killed is acceptable.

    You’re claiming no one taught him to do that, but who taught him not to? Who called the cops when they saw him building up to these crimes? Who intervened when he was going down this path? You? His parents? Or no one as I suspect.

    People’s families should be held morally responsible for what they do. Tremaine Davis is the rotting fruit whose perfidy exposes the poisonous tree that spawned him for what it is – a coven of backwoods degeneracy, a literal synagouge of Satan all too happy to turn murderers loose on the world and play the victim when people point out your moral culpability.

    While you’re whining here let me ask you this. Have you expressed your condolences to the Bryant family yet? Have you offered to help them through this tragedy? Because that’s what actual decent people would do, not attempt to deflect responsibility.

  7. D on April 30th, 2010 12:51 am

    Thank you Rob, thank you.

  8. Kim on April 30th, 2010 11:39 am

    Yes I have expressed my condolences to the Bryant Family.

  9. David Wykofka on April 30th, 2010 12:46 pm

    Kim, how about having a little humility at least until after the funeral. If you really feel bad about it why dont you help the family out with a donation to cover the funeral expenses?

    Rob, thank you for your take on the media coverage. We have a website setup right now at http://www.joshcbryant.com/

  10. David Wykofka on April 30th, 2010 3:24 pm

    You know when people do good things in life everyone is real quick to praise the parents, but when they do unspeakable things….

    If the Family / Parents had no idea that he was capable of this type of malicious act perhaps their failure was that they were not paying attention.

  11. Quan on May 3rd, 2010 6:36 pm

    Main was very GAY!

  12. Three Thugs Arrested in Joshua Bryant Murder : Greenville Dragnet on June 28th, 2010 12:17 pm

    [...] Carolina is reporting that there has been three more arrests in the brutal and senseless Joshua Bryant murder. Bryant was gunned down at a dollar general when he saw armed men enter the store while waiting for [...]

  13. Glen on June 28th, 2010 4:46 pm

    I’m a very good friend of Red and his family. Just the thought of putting something like “had it coming” makes my head spin. Have you lost your ever loving mind. WTG Mr. Rob Taylor. You jerk.

  14. Glen on June 28th, 2010 4:57 pm

    To KIM: You might need to STFU. I have read the letters Tremain has wrote to the family. I can’t even bring myself to say what I want to say. I’ll see yas later. How’s that!

  15. Rob Taylor on June 28th, 2010 6:22 pm

    Glen you saw that my article agreed with you, right? Learn to read moron.

  16. Glen on June 28th, 2010 8:25 pm

    Oopsy daisy. Mr Rob Taylor just made a huge boo boo.

  17. Rob Taylor on June 28th, 2010 8:28 pm

    How’s that “Glen?”

  18. crystal on August 11th, 2010 2:42 pm

    i say people dont take the law in there own hands, what made him think that he could go into a store behind a guy with a gun and fight.if he wanted to help he should have dailed 911 from his car.ppl do things before thinking, in my eyes main WOULDNT kill a fly been knowing him a minute.hes my friend.if he would have stayed in the car he would be here.dont talk against him if you dont know him.lets talk about how stupid it his to run up on anybody with a gun.or are we for getting that. say what you want he wouldnt harm anybody unless they harmed him.a gun and a robbery that was almost over before this guy tries to play super man!! i wouldnt do it,but hell to each its own.main im here for you so fuck what they say a mistake that went terribly wrong.ask for forgiveness and god will do.were here for you,

  19. Rob Taylor on August 11th, 2010 2:58 pm

    He went in to PROTECT HIS MOTHER. What are you a devil worshiper? If your mother was in a store and someone walked in behind her with a weapon you’d just wait outside?

    You friend murdered a man because he was trying to protect his mother and you think your God is not going to punish him? Who’s your god, Satan? I take it you’ve never read the Bible, because the Christian God lays a heavy hand on evil doers – and those that support them.

    I’m not a Christian myself but you should probably read about Sodom and Gomorrah before spouting of this nonsense about what God will and won’t do.

  20. kiki on August 12th, 2010 1:10 am

    With all do respect to JOSH family im so sorry about what happen to him…..but ppl really need to watch what they say and how they say it and its not good 4 u or anyone else to judge him leave that up to tha man upstairs please!!!!! And its already been said once but just to let it be known his family has nothin @ all to do wit that yes his family still loves him tha same and that will never change and just because he made a big mistake how can u fix ur mouth to call him a thug? A thug he was not but a mistake he did make that he can’t take bak but i knw if he could take it all bak he would…..and if josh wasn;t lookin for trouble he would have called 911 and let them handle things because thats what they are put here to do help ppl!

  21. Rob Taylor on August 12th, 2010 9:54 am

    You’re a horrible person Kiki. Hopefully one day when some person is victimizing you and your “friends” do nothing you’ll remember that you told them to.

    Your comments are so disrespectful that it’s hard to believe you’re serious. Are you really saying that Josh should have waited the 3-7 minutes for cops to arrive, while someone may or may not have murdered HIS MOTHER?

    Who raised you people?

  22. ms.paralegal on October 17th, 2011 11:07 pm

    I think in this case both parties could have used better judgement in this case. Just because a person makes one mistake he is looked at as a thug… a thug has a wrap sheet and is well known for violence..tremaine had neither…but a person could face a man with a gun and noone can see how crazy that was but he was a hero..I don’t get it. I feel sorry for the bryant family and my prayers goes out to them at the same timethere isanother family suffering as well. Two families lost their sons. Thats really all that matters. As a reporter rob your choice of words were very uncivilized. You should have been trained to be more professional. Who are you to judge anyone, you are not god nor a judge so your opinions are really null and void. If it was theother way around would you still feel the way you feel. When making statements as a reporter its best to remain unbias your career might go alot further. Let me tell u what you don’t know..tremaine went to church every sunday. His voice was like an angel. Tremaine was also attending technical college, he also tried out for american idol…wow thats really the life of a thug.Tremaine made a bad decision and so did Josh. Im not a reporter and I did my research..Oh and slander can be used against you in one of your former statements, if you keep it up i’ll find his family and show them how!

  23. Rob Taylor on October 17th, 2011 11:32 pm

    You’re defending a man who held a gun to an old woman and murdered a man but you’re calling me uncivilized?

    He MURDERED a man who was trying to defend his mother. You really are disgusting to even type out this nonsense.

    He wasn’t a thug? Why was he robbing stores?

    My career is just fine thanks, in fact I just got a columnist gig at Pajamas Media where I’m paid good money to make my “unprofessional’ reports. Meanwhile you are heading to Hell for insulting a dead man and supporting someone you know is not just wrong – he’s evil.

  24. Anthony dunlap on April 27th, 2012 2:47 am

    Rob u stfu this is ant and u not even makin sense i actually kno wat went dwn and u have no clue. . . So its best that u stfu and stp reportin bullshit that u think gne get ppl attention

  25. Rob Taylor on April 27th, 2012 12:18 pm

    So you’re saying what? The victim did have it coming? I hope someone guns you down while your protecting your gutterslut mother.

  26. Brittany on November 30th, 2012 4:26 pm

    First of all I am Tremain’s cousin, and his ADOPTED FATHER is my uncle….Do not blame my uncle for this tragedy because he did not adopt tremain and his younger brother if he knew when they grew up that he would murder someone. My uncle and the Davis family has loved tremain since the day they adopted him into our family, Tremain had a life where he was in and out of foster homes due to his REAL PARENTS ABADONING HIM AND ON DRUGS. MY UNCLE AND HIS WIFE DECIDED TO ADOPT HIM AND HIS YOUNGER BROTHER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIFE, BECAUSE MY UNCLE IS A PASTOR; HE COULD NOT CONTROL TREMAIN ONCE HE BECAME AN ADULT AND MADE THE DECISION HE MADE. SO PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT ABOUT MY UNCLE AND MY FAMILY….TREMAIN IS THE CULPRIT NOT MY UNCLE WHO TOOK HIM IN HIS HOME WHEN HE WAS A YOUNG BOY; TREMAIN GOT THE PUNISHMENT HE DESERVES FOR TAKING ANOTHER LIFE BUT MY UNCLE IS NOT TO BLAME.

  27. Rob Taylor on November 30th, 2012 11:04 pm

    Who blamed the Uncle? My arguments have been against people defending the gunning down of a brave man defending his family.

  28. Brittany on December 1st, 2012 7:33 am

    I agree, I am not defending my cousin at all because right is right and wrong is wrong, You are 100% about, I just don’t like the fact they are blaming it on his upbringing, my Uncle and Aunt tried their very best to give him a better life than what he was given by his biological parents…..but once he became an adult they were NOT responsible for the decisions he made. I would like to send my deepest condolences to the Bryant family because the victim was innocent and did NOT deserve to be killed. I will be praying for the family. Yes, I agree he was a brave man to take up for his mom.

  29. Rob Taylor on December 2nd, 2012 12:16 am

    It’s sometimes hard to undo upbringing – I’ve got crooks in my family too. Your Uncle and Aunt probably got in his life too late to change his lack of moral compass and let’s not forget that most criminals have scumbag friends who have more influence over them. Thanks for standing up for what’s right.

  30. anthony dunlap on September 27th, 2013 11:22 am

    Yes i am rob cause he shoylda stayed in tha car….I was involved in da case and yu have no clue wat yu are talking bout

  31. Rob Taylor on October 1st, 2013 9:08 pm

    So if someone you supposedly love is in danger you let them die? Have fun in Hell.

  32. Kiersten on October 5th, 2015 10:16 pm

    I know this it late but this is my cousin your talking about in this article he had nothing comeing he did what he thought was right

  33. keezie on January 18th, 2016 11:12 pm

    Free my brother main fuck everybody commenting negative to shit I feel for the Bryant family but u ask to die if u playing superman for real his ass should had call police,I love ya bruh

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