Long Time Greenville Establishment Crony John Castile Named City Manager

Not a surprise since John Castile was the deputy city manager. Castile has worked in the local government since the mid 90s except for a brief stint in a non-profit that was started with a cash grant to city to fight drugs. From the WORD website:

Castile first came to work for the City of Greenville in June 1995 and worked in the Recreation Division  until May 1999 when he left the City to serve as Executive Director of Within Reach, a non-profit  organization originally developed to implement a $5 million drug-elimination program grant secured by the City to address drugs in its at-risk communities. In September 1999, he was recruited back to the City of Greenville by then City Manager, Steve Thompson, who had identified the City’s need to create a  high-level position that could provide problem-solving across the entire organization and could manage city-wide projects versus individual department-driven projects.

Hmmmm. If I’m reading this right Castile “left” the city government to run a non-profit that was being funded by a grant to the city, and stayed at that non-profit for five months. That non-profit, Within Reach, has no website and the last number I could find for it ((864) 467-4305) has been disconnected. The reports are that it was a anti-drug program but in its last filing (2005) it was listed as running a daycare center and youth services. It also listed their income at $50,099. Within Reach may be defunct but the organization is still used in sales pitches for membership to groups like Greenville’s Interfaith Forum. Sounds like he did a bang up job.

Of covering his tracks.

The 467 prefix this “non-profit” used is coincidentally the same one dedicated to Greenville county government. Lucky for Castile that he was able to get a number that was easy to remember number when he “left” public service.

The story has a stink to it, but the local hacks are too busy lauding Greenville’s first African American city manager to care about whether John Castile’s previous dealings with your tax money were on the up and up.


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