Long War Journal Has Audio of Pakistani Taliban Taking Credit for Times Square Bombing Attempt

Long War Journal is a respected source of news and analysis on the Global War on Terror (for those of you who aren’t familiar with them). They have posted a YouTube video of Movement of Taliban in Pakistan’s top bomb maker Qari Hussain taking responsibility for the attempted bombing in Times Square. Hussain claims the bombing was in response to Taliban and Al-Qaeda losses caused by the wave of drone strikes the Obama administration has initiated, as well as Pakistani operations against the Taliban. The terrorist also goes on to warn NATO countries that unless they “denounce” the U.S. they will suffer similar bombings.

The tape seems pre-released and Hussain doesn’t seem aware that the bomb didn’t detonate. Bill Roggio of LWJ also points out that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel on YouTube, where the audio was posted, was created on April 30. This indicates that the channel was set up specifically to announce the operation and take credit for it.

Authorities have not confirmed this however, and there are still several theories as to who is responsible.


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