Malcolm Robert Lee Melvin About to Do 121 Year Bid

For armed robbery. Before you get upset about his “harsh” sentence he actually only got about 12 years for each crime he did. He just did a lot of crimes. With an illegally sawed off shotgun:

A federal judge sentenced a Florence man to 2,298 months or 191 and a half years in prison for robbing convenience stores.

Malcolm Robert Lee Melvin, 21, of Florence was found guilty in a Florence federal court in December of one count of conspiracy, eight counts of armed robbery, and eight counts of using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

United States District Judge R. Bryan Harwell sentenced Melvin on Monday.

Evidence shows between June 22nd and June 28th, 2010, Melvin and his co-defendants robbed eight convenience stores in Florence, Darlington, Calhoun, and Orangeburg Counties.

The businesses affected included a BP gas station, two Cruizers gas stations, and an Exxon station in Florence County; a Sav-way and Markette stores in Darlington County; a Lil Cricket store in Calhoun County; and a Lil Cricket in Orangeburg County.

Firearms used during the robberies included a 9mm pistol and a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun.

In other words he was on a crime spree.

As an aside, you can legally own a sawed off shotgun if you apply to the ATF for a “tax stamp” and pay $200. The fact that he didn’t do this simple process cost him about 40 years of his life. Of course he still would have done the eight armed robberies so…

Melvin has several co-horts who all got significantly less time than him which probably means they rolled on him. No honor among thieves I guess, or in this case among the Rolling 20′s Red Scorpion Neighborhood Bloods which was the gang they were in. The Rollin 20 Red Scorpions were being watched because they were actively recruiting other Blood setsĀ  and were apparently a hate group who only targeted Arabs, Asians, Latinos and Whites. It was even in their “Book of Knowledge” (the gang constitution) that they were to only commit crimes against non-Blacks.

Sounds like he was a murder spree waiting to happen.


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