Man Surives Gunshot to Head Near Mauldin

The man survived the murder attempt because the bullet didn’t penetrate his skull. From

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is trying to find a suspect in the shooting of a man who survived a wound to his head.

Investigators say it happened around 7:30pm in the driveway of a home at 416 Bridges Road in Mauldin. The incident started when a man – who turned out to be the shooting suspect – climbed into the car with the victim and a driver at a gas station in the Five Forks area.

When they returned to the Bridges Road location, the three men exited the car when a silver Toyota pulled up beside them. That’s when the man was shot and the suspected gunman fled to the second vehicle.

The victim was found face-down in the driveway by deputies. He was taken to Greenville Hospital System with a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.

The man was treated for his injuries, which were not life threatening. He was released from the hospital.

He is talking to investigators who are trying to piece together the relationship between the three people.

The police haven’t made it official but WSPA is running raw video that includes shots of a large quantity of marijuana and a pill bottle laid out as evidence so it’s likely this is drug related.

The victim has been identified as 25-year-old Kenneth Hood. He was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital where it was found that though the bullet had enough velocity to knock him unconscious and severely injure him it did not penetrate his skull and cause fatal injury. Not an uncommon occurrence when gunshot victims are shot with small caliber pistols, especially when using sub-sonic ammunition.

WYFF and Fox Carolina are also covering this story but have no additional information.


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