Manhunt for Shooting Suspect in Boiling Springs

Not a lot of info out there on this. From WSPA:

A woman suffered a bullet wound to the face at Wilson Place Apartments in Boiling Springs Wednesday afternoon, according to county dispatchers.

The Sheriff’s Office responded.

A neighbor of the victim told News Channel 7 he heard arguing outside. He said a man pulled up to the apartment unit yelling for the victim.

The woman came out and went back inside with the man.

The neighbor said he heard four gunshots from the apartment.

The man came out and left. The woman came out of the apartment bleeding. Her baby, whom she was carrying, was covered in blood, but unharmed.

Yes, a description would be nice. When I find one I’ll slap it up.

Update: Fox Carolina is reporting the shooting happened at the Wilson Place apartments. The details are brutal:

Witnesses said that the woman was standing outside when a car pulled up and man jumped out. They said that the man ran up and shot the woman, who was holding a baby in her arms at the time, and then ran away.

Still no description of the suspect.


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