Mauldin Assigning Cops to Business and Teen Beats

Which should raise some suspicions that the cops know something you don’t. The office parks in the area of Mauldin near 385 have quite a bit of empty space and the grounds are not well attended. Kids in Mauldin have been getting more, shall we say rambunctious, over the past year.But each of these things is something police deal with all the time.

On a related note, within a few weeks of opening the new Dollar General next to the high school was sporting a sing that said teens unaccompanied by adults were only allowed inside two at a time. I assume that there was some incident of shoplifting or the like that involved a group of kids.

Coyotes have been spotted around Mauldin especially in some of the less traveled parts of the office parks. I personally have seen coyote and fox tracks near the Pawleys restaurant and someone told me there was a road killed coyote on the highway near Bloom. There have been plenty of foxes, feral cats and deer spotted too. And if wildlife is thriving in these places, so are drug users, drifters and various criminals who need a place to hide out.

Wild kids and wilder areas make for mayhem so I guess this sounds like a good idea:

The Mauldin Police Department has shifted officers to two new positions to connect with the city’s young people and business community.

Police Chief Bryan Turner created a business liaison position and a juvenile investigator position and moved existing officers into those roles.

“We do a whole lot for our community, but we real
ly don’t do a whole lot for our businesses,” Turner said.

As the city has stretched its limits to parts of Woodruff Road, the department’s relationship with its business community has become even more important, Turner said.

Officer Stephanie Hunt transitioned into the position with training in September. She plans to show business owners how they can cut down on criminal activityt.

“I’ll be looking at all of their bushes, their lighting, their cameras, just the security of the premises,” Hunt said.

The implication here that I don’t like is that police are subtly warning business that they’re going to need to pick up the slack that Mauldin police think they can’t cover. Declining revenue has put police in every state under pressure to cut services, as we saw in Oakland when it was announced that there were a number of “minor” crimes police wouldn’t even respond to anymore. Those minor crimes include burglary, theft and extortion. The district attorney of Multnomah County, Oregon (which includes Portland) announced they won’t even prosecute certain low level crimes anymore. A lot of areas are cutting back on law enforcement expenditures by letting small time crooks go free.

Small time crooks like shoplifting teens and burglars.

Despite the rosy outlook South Carolinians have about the local economy the fact is at some point cuts are gong to be made, deep ones. The fact that Mauldin is shifting officers into a new position designed to put the fear into kids and get businesses on board with handling their own security should be seen as potential indicator that there is some worry that law enforcement will be cut in the future.


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