Mauldin Patch Runs Photos of Greenville County Whoremongers!

From the sound of it the police are again targeting men who pick up street walkers but not say the men pimping out girls on Backpage or the women who advertise on Backpage to feed their out of control addictions (see above photo). Whatever – Mauldin Patch decided to put up the ugly mugs of some of Greenville County’s “hobbyists” as people who hire hookers like to call themselves on certain forums they think are secrets. In reality they’re called whoremongers. Not that I care if a person is or isn’t but since Greenville is pretty much known for being wall to wall bar whores and meth heads I’m not sure why any guy needs to pay for it.

A crackdown on prostitution netted 15 arrests Thursday, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Friday.

Laura Campbell, public information officer for the agency, said Friday that a prostitution sting in the area of Pelham Road and Interstate 85 was a success, resulting in a total of 17 charges filed against 15 people. The men taken into custody were trying to solicit prostitution during the operation.

Wow. 15 ugly guys taken off the street before they could offer some drug addict money for sex. That is a great success for Greenville.

Names and hilarious mugshots can be found here.


2 Responses to “Mauldin Patch Runs Photos of Greenville County Whoremongers!”

  1. Svenghooli on August 16th, 2012 2:03 pm

    Totally agree…what a waste of public money…especially when they get some tramp in the police department to dress up like a hooker.

  2. Joan Steiner on April 3rd, 2014 5:00 pm

    These are young girls being raped daily. They are chrildren taken advantage of by people whom advertise on backpage.They are chrildren not adults they are not to be called whors, they need to be called helpless, used, scared and unable to make adult decissions. I am a mother who has been in great pain due to a woman on backpage asheville nc. Post I.D 16227235 . She has been using chrildren and young addicts for prostitution on the webpage Salenia needs to be stopped and I can’t seem to find any help. Someone please help me stop her. You may contact me at

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