Mauldin Police Release 911 Call From Sunset Park Attacker

Update, 1/5/2010: [Mauldin Police say Pearl Brown, 16, staged the beating.]

forensic sketch of suspect in the violent attack on a 16-year-old girl in Mauldin

Mauldin Police are still searching for the man suspected of viciously attacking a 16-year-old girl Friday morning in Sunset Park.  They have now released the 911 call believed to be from the assailant. The call came from the victim’s cell phone shortly after he slammed her head into a pole and left her for dead.

911 dispatcher: Greenville County 911. Hello?

Caller: I think I just killed a girl.

911 dispatcher: Excuse me?

Caller: She’s in Sunset Park.

911 dispatcher: Sunset Park? What happened?

Caller: She, she wouldn’t let me touch her. I just thought she was pretty.

911 dispatcher: Who am I speaking with?

Caller: I can’t tell you all that. Just come and get her please.

911 dispatcher: Where at at Sunset Park?

Caller: She’s by, the, the fields, the fields.

911 dispatcher: She’s in the field at Sunset Park?

Caller: No. She’s by the field.

911 dispatcher: By the field.

Caller: It’s, it’s where the picnic tables are. I’m sorry I, I have to go now.

911 dispatcher: What happened?

Call terminated.

The raw audio of the call is available on

The teenage victim, Pearl Brown, has come forward to tell her story:

She told police she had even seen the man walking in the park on previous occasions.

But Friday morning around 9am, she says:

“He told me pretty girls shouldn’t cry and I told him I felt uncomfortable and I was going to leave.“

“He was like right there in my face and he put his hand on my forehead and smashed it up against the wooden pole and it stunned me. But then did it again and I passed out.“

Police say the victim’s cell phone was stolen during the attack and a 911 call was made from it to report the assault.

Brown says she was waiting on a park bench for a local business to open when the attack happened.

Based on Brown’s description, the suspect is believed to be a dark-skinned black man, about 6 feet tall and weighing between 180 to 190 pounds. At the time of the attack he had a full beard and goatee.

If you have any information about the suspect, please call Mauldin Police at (864)289-8900.


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