May Day Riot in Asheville White Washed by WYFF

WYFF is claiming the motive is “unclear” for upwards of 20 black clad rioters who destroyed windows and property on Saturday, which just happened to be the communist holiday May Day. This May Day saw scenes of violence across the country and the globe.

And even after reporting that Denver Anarchist group Black Cross called the rioters, who were clearly participating in a Black Bloc protest, comrades WYFF claims a motive is not known for the mayhem. The motive for the protesters is easy to divine, spoiled rich kids radicalized in college have little else to do with their time and were raised to feel entitled to “expressing” themselves in any way they see fit. Their motive is to destroy things because they like doing it and use Anarchism and Socialism as a justification for what is essentially misanthropy fueled by elitism.

What’s more interesting is the motive of people who bend over backwards to avoid pointing out this truth. These kids are criminals, many are drug users, and every May Day they will gather in large numbers for drug fueled orgies of violence which have absentee parenting and a culture that artificially inflates self-esteem as their root causes.

The notoriously liberal residents of Asheville are confused as to why they were targeted since they “aren’t corporate” as one woman in the WYFF video report puts it. Again, that’s easy to answer. You encourage these “radicals” to flock to your town, get high on your streets, and then present yourselves as passive targets who will not only be unlikely to fight back, but will side with the criminals against police. This is like people who put bells on their cats complaining that the coyotes kill their pets. Stop being a doormat and people will stop walking all over you.

The Asheville Citizen-Times has a good report on the escalating violence of May Day. Maybe WYFF should send a reporter over there to see what the motive of anarchists rioting on May Day could possibly be.

I’m surprised this didn’t happen in Greenville.


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  1. John on July 26th, 2010 3:02 pm

    I simply used my first name for this post.

    Our neighborhood saw the build up of May Day start as early as 2008. I began to notice little unicorn stickers on street signs that hinted at a ‘surprise’ for Asheville. In 2009, the ‘surprise’ never really showed up. However, in 2010, the May Day events took place. Evidence placing the so called ‘Asheville 11′*** on the scene in downtown came from concerned citizens on the scene.

    One business owner on the block of Battery Street who claims he is a global socialist (his expression, not a label applied) is, ironically, looking to hire armed guards for next year’s May Day. He expressed shock to me that ‘their own people attacked their businesses’ instead of ‘larger corporate buildings’. This is an example of the convoluted logic that exists in Asheville right now.

    The staging place for the event is obvious to those of us that live here. My strong belief that it was Firestorm Books. Firestorm Books makes little to no ruse about the fact that it is gathering place for black flag anarchists (who are not really anarchists in any sense.) Most of these folks are just dupes for a larger agenda that they are too young to understand.

    ***(a clear and obvious outcrop of socialistic reasoning to call people by a group collective and not by their birth names ex. Chicago 8 for the SDS.)

  2. Rob Taylor on July 26th, 2010 9:32 pm

    Thanks for posting this John, I’m looking at following up on this story soon.

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