Mayor Bloomberg “Forcing” You to Understand He Should Run Your Life

Another reason I left NYC – Bloomberg and his belief that people in local government have absolute authority over you and every life choice you make. Here he is on MSNBC (the only communists he could get to back him up on this nonsense) explaining that what he’s doing isn’t taking a choice away from you but “forcing” you to understand he’s right and you shouldn’t drink so much soda. You know, because the job of local government is to force you to agree with their opinions on diet:

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I’m sure this sounds better coming from a Commissariat press release, comrades.

Ironically this doesn’t apply to juices and fruit drinks – which have more calories and sugar than soda. It’s ironic because if Bloomberg really cared about health he wouldn’t recommend things that are actually worse for you than soda. But I suppose stupidity isn’t really ironic.


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