Middle School Girl brings Gun and Ammunition to Hughes Academy

I love my guns but if you have kids it’s your responsibility to keep your kids from carrying them around to do who knows what. Why this kid needed a gun in class is something we’re lucky to not have found out.

From WSPA:

A spokesperson for the Greenville County School District says a Hughes Middle School bus driver, driving her morning route, overheard a suspicious comment by a female student.  Spokesperson Oby Lyles says the bus driver called ahead to notify the school and an assistant principal and the school resource officer met the student and conducted a search.  The investigation found an unloaded handgun and bullets in the student’s bookbag.

School officials and law enforcement found the handgun had been exchanged at school earlier in the week with two other students.  The school district says there are three 8th grade students involved, one is male and two are female. The students have been recommended for explusion.

Lyles says the information about this incident is being conveyed to parents by the school Principal, Dr. Patrick Mark, via school messenger.

The Greenville News reports that the gun was being passed around by at least three students for the past week:

“School officials, working cooperatively with law enforcement, found that the handgun had been exchanged at school earlier in the week with two other students,” according to district spokesman Oby Lyles.

The two other students involved, a boy and a girl, also in eighth grade, also were suspended. All three will be recommended for expulsion, Lyles said.

The “exchange” line makes it sound like someone was selling guns at school, which sounds more like something that would go on in my old stomping grounds of NYC than Greenville.

We’re lucky this story ended the way it did. Hughes Academy’s website can be found here.


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