Moncks Corner Police Hate Women in Bikinis!

Bikini Car Wash!


MONCKS CORNER, S.C. – A South Carolina police officer has lost his job after pictures of bikini-clad strippers washing his police cruiser showed up on Facebook. Multiple media outlets reported that Moncks Corner Police Chief Chad Caldwell would not identify the officer.

The pictures were made at a car wash Sunday at a tattoo studio. The studio’s Facebook page said the women worked at a North Charleston nightclub. Caldwell says he thinks the officer took his personal car to the car wash and then returned in his patrol car.

The chief says allowing bikini-clad women to be photographed next to a cruiser is a violation of department policies. He says it looks bad for the town.

Yeah, nothing makes a police department look worse than police officers interacting with the community when no laws are being broken. We wouldn’t want strippers, tattoo artists and other people who may come into conflict with law enforcement or might be hesitant to report crimes to develop a relationship with police that would make them more comfortable, right chief?

The bikini car wash is as American as apple pie, baseball and not producing men that are mincingly effeminate like the Europeans. And these women were not wearing anything more risque than you would see at the beaches that people like the Moncks Corner police chief don’t rail about when the state is distributing tax money collected from tourists who hit our shores to check out chicks in thongs.

That Moncks Corner has a policy explicitly calling for police cruisers to never be photographed by a woman in a bikini reeks of of some confirmed bachelor’s delicate sensibilities being offended while he reads the misogynist screeds of Tennessee Williams while sipping mint juleps. I am calling for a boycott of Moncks Corner until this cop is reinstated.

Yeah. I’ve never been there, but now that will be purposeful and not just because there’s nothing in that podunk town.

This is absolutely a travesty! Show your support for this police officer … with bikinis!

Don't Tell Monck Hill ... This Bikini is Next to a Car


3 Responses to “Moncks Corner Police Hate Women in Bikinis!”

  1. DodiaFae on September 23rd, 2010 9:16 am

    OK, I’m officially boycotting Monck’s Corner, too. :)

    And I’m calling shenanigans on the claim that there was actually a policy against photographing bikini clad women next to police cruisers. Really? Where was this policy written, and how was it worded? And how does it make the town “look bad”? I’ve seen where fire departments have produced “calendars” of hunky, shirtless firefighters to raise money for the departments (and I think I’ve seen where one produced a calendar of their gorgeous female firefighters for same).

  2. Loup Garou on September 23rd, 2010 9:51 am

    rollin’ in my Six Fo. nice pic! I don’t have a problem with it, BUT I can see their point. It is the City’s car. And really? he had to go thru the car wash twice?

  3. Rob Taylor on September 23rd, 2010 3:22 pm

    And not to mention the fact that the car wash was for charity.

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