Monday Crime Link Round-Up

I’ve got a new dog, a bum knee and have been trying to find an indoor range that allows lead ammunition because I’m supposed to be doing a review for Thus things have gotten backed up around these parts so I’m just going to do a link round up of stories I was looking into but didn’t have time to flesh out:

Mauldin Patch shocked to discover that meth cookers shoplift supplies.

Mauldin spends $15,000 of taxpayer money every year on clothing allowances for city employees. You know, because they can’t be expected to pay for clothes using their salaries like the rest of us chumps.

A fire at a Caycee recycling plant was started when the operators of said plant illegally burned the trash. Three were arrested and local hippies were dismayed after finding out that recycling is a giant scam.

Surprise! The Swamp Rabbit Trail attracts vandals, muggers and drug users. Who would have thought that several miles of semi-isolated park trails would attract crime?

Local suckers shocked to find that precious metal dealer didn’t have unlimited supply of silver! If something is valuable kids chances are you can’t just order unlimited supplies of it and people that claim they can are scamming you.

Authorities found a meth lab in a fairly upscale sub-division.

Simpsonville residents are demanding that local government help them pretend there is no foreclosure crisis.

Even the guys at Soldier of Fortune magazine are getting concerned about bath salts.

The TSA allowed 25 illegal aliens to attend a Boston area flight school … which was owned by an illegal alien.

Bad Breeders has the story of a man who was caught dead to rights having anally raped a 9-month-old infant, nearly killing the child and permanent disabling her, getting the book thrown at him.

In Texas a 23-year-old woman superglued her child’s hands to a wall then beat the girl into a coma. When confronted by reporters she said “only God can judge me” but the courts disagree.

Sarah Silverman simulated (?) bestiality in a video intended to raise money for Obama.

Finally via Creeping Sharia we have a Dearborn, Mi doctor who was raping his pill popper patients by withholding their pills – which he apparently helped get them hooked on:


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  1. 1389AD on July 24th, 2012 12:11 am

    Turns out that the three people arrested for starting the Cayce recycling plant fire were burning wood pallets too close to the building, on an extremely hot day when nobody should have been burning waste at all.

    I’m not much of an environmentalist, and I consider recycling to be something that works only for niche markets. Even so, the news stories about this fire leave me scratching my head.

    The Cayce recycling plant made plastic waste into pellets and then formed them into plastic lumber for decks. I can see where that would make sense for the consumer, given that plastic is not bio-degradable and therefore won’t fall prey to termites and rot.

    I’m wondering why a plastics recycling plant using wood for their pallets, instead of recycled plastic. I know for a fact that it’s possible to make usable pallets out of plastic lumber. If a wood pallet breaks, it is no longer safe to use for freight, and you have to dispose of it. On the other hand, if a plastic pallet breaks, you can just run it back through the recycling plant and re-use the plastic to form a new pallet or whatever else.

    Seems as though Cayce taxpayers are going to be stuck with a huge bill, not only for the firefighting, but also for the water they had to obtain from neighboring towns. If I lived in Cayce, I’d be up in arms!

    One of the news stories also said that the plant was uninsured. *facepalm*

    I’m not a fire inspector, so I don’t know what sort of sprinkler system or other firefighting devices should be present in a plastics recycling plant. Obviously, either they didn’t have a system installed, or whatever system they had failed to do the job. Where were the fire inspectors?

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