Moron Gives Random Guy Access to His Smart Phone – With Nude Pics of His Wife On It

Nude Cell Phone Pics - Not a Good Idea

And hilarity ensues:

Jason Robu, 29, of Mauldin, is charged with voyeurism by Mauldin Police officers.

The complainant accused Robu of illegally accessing a nude photo of his wife.

Robu, according to a police report, advertised on e-Bay that he repaired Android phones. The complainant hired Robu to fix his phone. Robu worked on the complainant’s phone twice in July and August.

On Aug. 12, the complainant checked his phone after Robu returned it, and found a sent e-mail from the phone. Attached to the email was a nude picture of the complainants wife.

The email address the photo was sent to matched Robu’s email address on his e-Bay account according to the report.

There’s some criminal genius for you. Send an email from another guys account to your address and no one will be the wiser.

If you’re an adult, why do you have a nude picture of the woman who you see naked everyday anyway? And if you do need a nude picture of your wife, because you can’t see her naked anytime you want I suppose, why keep it on device that you may lose or have stolen? Or hand to some random guy you don’t know?

Grow up and stop taking nude pics of your wife with smart phones, morons.


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