Morons Arrested Trying to Stop Duke Generator from Being Delivered

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Environmental activists opposed to burning coal for energy decided to chain themselves to the 880,000 lb generator that is being laboriously dragged around the state on tractor trailer. I mean, what could go wrong with that plan, right?

Four morons were arrested (pictures of three above) for doing this today instead of working at a soup kitchen, helping foster children, or helping human trafficking victims, just to put this in perspective.

From Fox Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Four protesters chained themselves to a massive power generator that has been moving through the Upstate, Greenville County deputies said on Monday morning.

The 880,000-pound generator is on its way to Duke Energy’s Cliffside Steam Station in Boiling Springs, N.C.

An environmental group from North Carolina called Asheville Rising Tide said in a statement sent to FOX Carolina that the protesters are vowing to prevent the generator from reaching the coal plant.


Deputies said that about a dozen protesters were at the site along Highway 25 on Monday morning. They said four of them climbed on top of the generator and chained themselves to it. A sign reading “Stop Cliffside” was also seen hanging on the side of the rig.

The four protesters, 21-year-old Rachel Scarano, of Asheville, N.C., 22-year-old Catherine MacDougal, of Asheville, N.C., 20-year-old Julia Page, of State College, Penn., and 21-year-old Paul Loomis, of Durham, N.C., were charged with public disorderly conduct.

So, what is Asheville Rising Tide? Are they a harmless group of tree huggers? Nope. They are part of the Rising Tide global group which is a “direct action” political tool of the far left. They are affiliated with violent communist organizations like People’s Global Action and Root Force and are less interested in ensuring clean power for South Carolina (they are also against nuclear energy) then they are in using the children of the idle rich as foot soldiers for their war on capitalism. Indeed, the higher ups in the organization were sending out press releases about this incident while it was ongoing, which to my mind means they set this incident up with the idiot kids who got arrested.

But the press release from Rising Tide found at Common Dreams is designed to make you think the incident was spontaneous civil disobedience by some average Joe on his lunch break:

GREENVILLE, S.C. – November 30 – Two protesters locked themselves to the 1.5 million pound generator destined for Duke Energy’s Cliffside coal plant in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Protesters are vowing to prevent the generator, which has been traveling across South Carolina on a 300 foot trailer, from reaching the coal plant. “Our nation has no choice, we must stop burning coal. The only choice that we can make is whether we do that in time to still have breathable air, drinkable water, a livable climate, and standing mountains,” said, Catherine Anne. Protesters also draped a large banner from the top of the generator reading, “Stop Cliffside.” After blocking the shipment for about an hour, four people were arrested including the two who were locked down. Their names are: Julia Allen Page, Paul Webb Loomis, Catherine Ann MacDougal, and Rachel Anne Scarano.


Since it was first proposed, there has been massive opposition to Cliffside. In the past year and a half over 60 people have been arrested protesting the plant, and they vow to continue the fight. “Since politicians and corporations refuse to take serious action to stop climate change, citizens must step in to shut down coal plants,” said Attila Nemecz. The protest was organized by Asheville Rising Tide and Croatan Earth First! and is part of a national day of action with dozens of protests around the country including Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

Oops. Cat’s out the bag. Earth First! is an eco-terror organization highlighted in a 2002 report on the dangers of eco-terrorism released by the F.B.I. and has been the subject of much mockery because of the cult like activities of members. Here’s a video of Earth First “mourning” the trees we evil humans cut down.

Even sympathetic reports on this incident show how out of control the protesters were. One woman had to be threatened with a taser to calm her down.

Greenville News is on the case with their usual efficiency, providing us with three out of four mugshots of the perps and a short write up that doesn’t mention the involvement of Earth First! or that this is part of a national day of action organized by “environmentalists” that spans the whole country.

As an aside, am I the only person who sees the Freudian subtext in two angry women and an effeminate man handcuffing themselves to a gigantic power source in an effort to keep it from hurting their “mother” Earth?


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