Morons Filmed Using Stolen Debt Card to Gas Up their Easily Identifiable Chevy Tahoe

I blame the schools, rap music and 50+ years of liberal patronage. The need to tack an extra five to ten on their sentences for stupidity:

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Greenville Police said they need the public’s help gathering information from an October armed robbery.

Police said on Oct. 27, two black males wearing hooded coats used a shotgun to rob someone at River and Rhett streets.

Police said the victim’s debit card was used the following day at a gas station in Spartanburg.

Surveillance video from the gas station shows the SUV that police said they believe belongs to the armed robbery suspect.

Police said the video shows a green Chevrolet Tahoe with two distinct stickers on the rear window.

If you see these people call crimestoppers – then scratch “moron” into their doors with your keys. Robbing people is evil, going to stores you know are being filmed with the cards you know are being traced is retarded. So let’s hope the evil retards get locked up before they start trying to roofie women with Draino or whatever their next no doubt asinine plan


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