Mother of the Year Almost Kills 12-Year-Old While Cooking Meth

Awful. Thankfully the child wasn’t injured but can we start sending our kids out of the house when we want to cook meth from now on? That would be great:

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. — Laurens County deputies said that a woman was injured when a methamphetamine lab exploded early Friday morning.

The explosion happened at 443 Durbin Ridge Road.

Deputies said that a woman was dropped off at Hillcrest Hospital early Friday morning with burns to about 40 percent of her body, mainly on her arms and chest. They said the woman was flown to the Augusta Burn Center for treatment.

Investigators said that a 12-year-old was at the home at the time of the explosion, but was not injured.

Wolves would be better parents than this moron.


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