MSNBC Anchor “Bummed Out” Times Square Car Bomber a Jihadist

No, really. She said that. She said she wanted the bomber to be a right winger because, you know, Islamism is unfairly portrayed as violent or something. I get a lot of emails about how awful local media coverage is, but nothing the locals have done here comes close to this:

h/t Gateway Pundit.

The Times Square car bomber’s terrorist ties are numerous. Fox is reporting that he has connections with the same town in Colorado that attempted NYC subway bomber Najibullah Zazi. An Examiner article points out that many recent terror arrests have involved people who travel to Pakistan, assumedly to attend terror training camps.

Time is reporting that the bomber may have ties to Kashmiri Jihadist groups, whose main goal is to drive India out of Kashmir. But his attempts to bomb American targets seems to make that unlikely to be his main political goal.

Jake Tapper says the High Value Interrogation Group is involved in questioning the bomber.

I wonder if all these facts bum out Contessa Brewer as well.


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  1. Luigi Corelli on May 5th, 2010 11:07 am

    What do you do with a person who has a single digit IQ? Put them on the news.

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