My New Newsreal Pieces

Suck it John Guardiano

I haven’t been keeping up with putting my freelance work up here but a couple of you haters (as the kids say) have commented or emailed to claim that they hate my writing, which seems odd because they keep reading it. One person said he hoped no one pays me for my writing, so here’s a little dream crusher for you.

Here’s the five last pieces I sold to Newsreal Blog, which is run by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Who pays you douches for your writing? Oh that’s right, nobody.

Anyways these are more political than what you find here (because that’s what they want and they’re paying) and the editors tend to change my titles but they’re fun reads. Most recent is first, enjoy:

Sympathy for the Devil: How the Left Sanctions Criminality

The Top 7 issues Social Conservatives Ceded to the Left – And What to Do About It (this one also appears under the title Winning the Culture War)

Leftism, Class Warfare and the Coming Urban Apocalypse

The Forgotten Causalities of the American Left’s Class War

The Strange Lies of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (The guy that runs the Internet scam, I mean “activist group” Americans for Truth About Homosexuality actually tried to get me fired after reading this!)

Yeah, I’m putting this in public service announcements. Like I said, they’re mostly political but some of you might enjoy them. Two of you won’t, especially since it’s painful for you to realize that people will indeed pay me to write my “garbage” while ignoring you.


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