My New Piece Up on Red State

It’s about the demand by some lefties we “forgive” Paul Krugman for his vile 9/11 post. Here’s a taste:

Paul Krugman is an mean-spirited communist who won a Nobel Prize advocating economic policies designed to take away personal freedom and starve large swathes of the world. Krugman hates America – most communists do. Krugman advocates irresponsibly low interest rates that have done nothing but wipe out the purchasing power of the meager savings Americans have as inflation in food and fuel reaches double digits. This supposed liberal claimed that America would be a socialist country if we weren’t a bunch of racist scumbags.

But his anti-American grievance mongering is in some way out of character? This was just a bad day?

Do we really believe that a man who pines away for America to embrace a philosophy that murdered 50,000,000 people in the 20th century is grieving for 3,000 capitalists?

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