Mystery of Alvin Greene’s Financial Backers Solved!

Short answer: you

Long answer, SLED found out that Greene saved up his money from the service and was on unemployment. Since he livesl, shall we say frugally, that money was just sitting around.

But how’s it feel to be footing the bill for this tool?

In its investigation, Lloyd said, SLED had access to all Greene’s checking and savings accounts.

Those monthly statements showed Greene, 32, had a monthly balance last fall of several thousand dollars in his Bank of Clarendon checking account in Manning, Lloyd said.

Last October, Greene received a $5,843 check from the U.S. Department of Defense in connection with his discharge from the military last year.

“That brought him up to more than $8,200,” Lloyd said.

Greene continued having a checking account balance of about that amount into March, when Greene received a federal income tax refund of $2,173 and a state tax refund of $932, Lloyd said.

“At that point, he had more than $11,400 in his account,” Lloyd said.

Greene was also getting a $1,100 monthly unemployment check, Lloyd said. Since Greene lived with his father and had few expenses other than “haircuts and groceries,” his unemployment check was another source of government income for the discharged veteran, Lloyd said.

Kind of puts that whole unemployment extension thing in perspective doesn’t it.

Of course, the word on the street is still that something is extremely fishy with Greene. His affiliation with a pro-North Korea group is just the tip of the iceberg of his godless communism according to one source. But frankly I’ve been digging for weeks and the only thing I can be sure of is a) some people say he’s a dealer b) everyone agrees he’s a crackpot.

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