NAACP Covers George Washington Statue at Columbia MLK Rally

Call me crazy but I don’t think Martin Luther King’s dream included petty anti-Americanism from a “civil rights” group that takes it’s orders from rich White Nazi. But when the NAACP held it’s rally yesterday in Columbia they “boxed” a statue of the first President of the United States so that people attending would have their delicate sensibilities offended by actual American history. Via Atlas Shrugs here’s the picture:

Not great optics

Way to bring everyone together! I’m sure people will be willing to listen to your arguments about getting rid of the Confederate flag after witnessing you desecrate a statue to the father of our country, which happens to be the only country in the world where Blacks aren’t getting wiped out or sold as slaves. Nice work.

This is exactly why I support C.O.R.E. over these commies.


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