New Black Panthers Planning Nation Wide Riots Today

Whether or not they can come through is another story. But as the very awesome blog Red Alerts points out today is there “day of action” planned ostensibly for “justice” for Trayvon Martin and the NBPP has hundreds of members and connections to terror groups like Hezbollah. Greenville residents may remember that the NBPP held a rally in Newberry a couple of years ago where they were able to draw a good crowd.

The NBPP is a cult whose main appeal is to uneducated youth and racist morons and there are plenty of both in South Carolina so we’ll see if they stir up any trouble. Breitbart has audio of the conference call where two of their leaders can be heard telling members to commit violence today so I’ll be pleasantly surprised if there isn’t some sort of trouble anywhere, but I’d be just as surprised if there was trouble here in South Carolina. Here’s the audio:

I’m not expecting any trouble – but I always prepare for the worst.


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