Night Night Fido – Deputies: Baby Attacked By Dog Hospitalized

Article by Evan Will

“HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. — A 10-month-old baby is being treated after deputies said he was attacked by a dog. The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office says it happened at a home in the Fox Ridge Community shortly before 10 Tuesday morning. A woman at the house frantically called 911 to report the attack. The infant was taken to a hospital for multiple bite wounds. No word on his condition.
The dog, described as a pit bull mix, was euthanized after the owner gave consent.”

Ok, let’s review. Small children around pit bull terrier mixed breed dogs. I don’t care if you’re the Dog Whisperer or you just refuse to believe the hype that pit bulls are not to be trusted around small children as they are notorious for attacking them. They see them as prey. And you as parent would think things would be ok because Baby Eater is such a trustful good dog. Fool you once. Fool you twice. Exactly. Shame on you. It happens across America every day and there are countless stories of it happening.

And, I have neighbor who has one of these dogs. It’s charged me on two occasions, on my own front yard, pre-weapon days. He has assured me that his Flesh Mongrel wouldn’t hurt a fly and that if I got to know him I’d see. These are the same people that think having a Cheetah or a Tiger or any wild animal can live along side humans. They can’t. I have zero sympathy for Pit Bulls or mixed Pit Bulls. They should be bred out or kept in the zoo next to hyenas.


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  1. Cliff on March 7th, 2012 5:08 pm

    All kinds(breeds) of dogs bite little kids not just pitties. Only those incidents rarely get any news attention.

  2. Tip Jones on March 7th, 2012 5:36 pm

    Rrrrrighttt….to your point though…small children should not be left along with dogs.

  3. DodiaFae on March 9th, 2012 11:37 am

    Small children should not be left alone with *any* dog… especially any breed that was intended for chasing and killing rodents.

    The problem with people keeping dogs is that they don’t allow those dogs to do what those dogs were bred to do. Dogs need to work, they need to be busy, and they need to feel they are doing their part to provide for their pack. Pitbulls were bred for catching rodents. So were smaller terrier breeds and chihuahuas. There are actually more incidents of the smaller dogs being more viscous (because people think of them as “lap dogs” and expect them to act like cats… seriously, if you want something fuzzy that will pin you to the sofa, get a cat) and they get bored and nasty. While pitties don’t do this as much, they do cause more damage when it does happen. And if they have no rodents to chase, they’re going for the next best thing closest to the size of what they’d normally be going after. The kids.

    I grew up with shepherds. We were left to play with them outside all the time. The difference there is that they were bred for herding, and they did their job well. They kept us in the yard and they protected us from outside dangers. I have nothing against pitbulls. They can be incredibly sweet and loving dogs. But you have to do your research and take into account the needs specific to your family. You have kids (or plan to)? Get a dog that is known for being gentle with children. Why would you take the chance?

    OK, done ranting now. :)

  4. Josie Vance on March 12th, 2012 6:31 pm

    Evan Will, you are an idiot. Mr. Run on Sentence. You are a moron. Have you ever had an English class?

  5. Evan Will on March 12th, 2012 8:43 pm

    Josie…interesting. I’d like to see you mark up my errors per Strunk and White or the Chicago Style guide. Sounds like you’re angry because I speak the truth about this breed. Funny you bash my “grammar” on a crime blog. Are you surfing the web to point out a few errors to make you feel better about yourself?

  6. Josie Vance on March 12th, 2012 9:48 pm

    The errors were obvious. My point is that your opinions are as ignorant as your use of run on sentences. I am not angry. I am honest.

  7. Josie Vance on March 12th, 2012 10:00 pm

    [Edit: Greenville Dranet's new policy is that any organization promoted by a crank like Josie Vance is obviously a scam and to be boycotted. Please refrain from doing business with Noah's Ark rescue located in North Carolina]

    Educate yourself. Don’t blame the breed. All dogs are at the mercy of their owners.

  8. Rob Taylor on March 13th, 2012 1:39 am

    Josie is angry and was just emailing me some venom but wouldn’t tell me why. The fact that she was upset because Evan doesn’t like pit bulls proves how sad and empty her life is.

    Also – after insulting me in emails you think you can promote some site you like? I think not.

  9. Josie Vance on March 14th, 2012 7:19 pm

    Who was emailing venom?

    If you don’t like the articles and their so poorly written move on. Blogs about crime are dedicated to opinion, analysis and with GD spreading the word on the street – information that my network of tipsters send in about anything ranging from local corruption to what the hookers are up to. I’m sorry your piss poor education makes it impossible for you to understand that saying you cover crime news does not make you a news agency (just as covering medical news doesn’t make you a doctor) but I could give a shit that you think it’s poorly written. I run a business, and no I will not be explaining what “run a business” means to you either.

    Who are you that I should care about your opinion anyway? Are your “freinds” the people who click my adds or patronize the advertisers of the places I freelance giving them the ability to pay me? Or are you just some hipster douchebag who has “friend” who got locked up and is butt hurt over people commenting on that case?

    Either way do you have some point? Because I just got contracted to turn in another “poorly written” article for money and I’m working on that now. Let me guess – you’re going to sue me/kick my ass/etc? I’ve heard it all before sweetheart and I’ll save you me by saying I will not remove any articles, I will not “listen to the child molester/murderer/muggers side of the story” I don’t care what gang you’re in and I’m not interested in what you think.

    Thanks for reading

    Rob Taylor

  10. Rob Taylor on March 14th, 2012 10:09 pm

    You’re ignoring the several emails that came before that. You know your first contact that asked if my site was a joke, and the second where you claimed it was poorly written?

    You’re also skipping the part where I asked you what you were referring to and you wouldn’t just come out and say you loved pitbulls and it butt-hurt you to see Evan disparage them. It’s interesting that you don’t have this kind of conviction for pedophiles, rapist or thieves. It’s also interesting that you have no sympathy for the baby mauled in this case.

    Interesting but not surprising since you’re a crazy shut-in. Get lost.

  11. Fyfe on April 27th, 2016 2:19 pm

    As usual uneducated response. Look at all breeds they can all turn in situations not just pits…. For example, Humans. Look at all the cruel mean things we do to animals and each other. I would suspect you are one of those. Be careful threatening pits bull with your gun because those sweet babies may have an owner who carries one as well….

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