No Bond for Staton Murder Suspect Matthew Fullbright

From WYFF:

ANDERSON, S.C. — The man accused in the double slayings of Chip and Jo Ann Staton was arraigned Friday evening.

Matthew Fullbright stayed mostly quiet as the judge informed him that he was charged with two counts each of murder and armed robbery and that no bond was set for him.

When given an opportunity to speak freely, Fullbright seemed to imply that if he committed a crime, he did not do it alone.

“Well I’ve went over some things with the officers, showing them how … pretty much my… my minimal involvement, I guess you would say, in all of this,” said Fullbright. “Um, and a lot of things came to light today because they’re starting to see, um, I showed them some evidence today that kind of points away from me.”

Fullbright also offered a message to Staton’s family members which some said raised more questions than answers.

“I’m sorry that all this happened the way it did,” he said. “And uh, I know the truth is going to come out. And um, I just uh, I wish that I could have talked to this guy maybe a little more and um, just maybe said something different to him to change things.”

Fulbright told the judge he is going to try to get a public defender. Staton’s brother was also given the opportunity to speak at the hearing but had nothing to say.

I bet. Fullbright has been pushing the idea that he is not the murderer and even took police to a site he claimed would have evidence the police would want. The cops are collecting evidence there, but frankly this story has a bit of the blarney to it if you ask me.

Fullbright had been stealing from family members just before the murders as this Fox Carolina piece points out:

Fullbright has also been accused of stealing from his parents home. According to an incident report, Fullbright stole jewelry, valuable coins and electrical equipment from the house.

Staton, of course, was buying up gold jewelry. What do jewelry, coins, and electronics have in common? They’re all easily pawnable. Is Fullbright an addict who was looking for fix money? If so, an addict’s desperation would explain the murders, especially if the Statons wouldn’t give him money for his fix.

Update: Looks like the answer to the addiction question is yes:

Belton Police Chief David Dockins said, “We received a complaint earlier this week from a family member that had lost some valuables.”

According to a police report, Kathryn Fullbright told officers that she has had trouble with her stepson, Matthew Fullbright, stealing items from her home.

Fullbright was charged with stealing $1,100 in cash along with $1,500 worth of jewelry, coins, tools and electrical supplies.


Fullbright’s father, Marshall Fulbright said his son had a problem with pain pills, didn’t have a job and had his license suspended about two weeks ago. “The last two weeks I’ve been pretty down on him about getting his life straightened out,” Marshall Fullbright said.”He was talking about detox and this and that, and then this happened,” he said.

His detox will come far too late for the Statons. If you’re supporting a drug addict you are not doing the addict or the world any favors.


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