No Charges Filed Against High School Basketball Brawlers

Remember the brawl that broke out at a Southside High School basketball game in February?  The fight that even had some parents throwing punches?

Turns out the appalling behavior will go without official punishment.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Department has declined to file charges against any of the brawlers from Southside High School or their opponents at Abbeville High.

Greenville County Sheriff’s Lt. Shea Smith said the decision was reached because no victims came forward to file assault reports and administrators at both schools assured investigators the students involved were appropriately punished.

Abbeville suspended eight players from school for five days. Southside disciplined three players.

Sounds like an appropriate punishment for your basic schoolyard fight. But for a melee that nearly devolved into a riot? Not so much.

These kids might not be hardened criminals (yet), but having to stand before a judge might have made them think twice before throwing punches on the basketball court.


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