No Charges Filed Against Mother Whose Child Was Found Wandering White Horse Road?

What? A two-year-old was found by a bus driver wandering the streets alone. When she asked the child where his mother was the boy said “at work” which would lead me to believe that since this was 7:45 in the morning someone, shall we say, pulls a night shift. The heroic bus driver tried to look for the  child’s parents on her own for a while before calling cops, and once police finally found the mother they found she didn’t even know the boy was gone.

Mow if she worked a 9-5 she would have already been up and known she was missing a kid. I think she got home around 6:00am or so and passed out which to mean means bartender or dancer. But I digress.

Police aren’t going to press charges though, which is weird because this does sound neglectful:

The Greenville Sheriff’s office says they were contacted Wednesday morning at approximately 7:45 am concerning a 2 year old boy found by a Greenville Transit Authority bus driver.

Deputies say the boy wandered away from the nearby Emerald Commons Apartment Complex, while his mother was asleep. Investigators say the boy walked toward an intersection of White Horse Road, where he tried to get on a bus.

Investigators say the bus driver, Carolyn Downs, took the child and tried to look for his parents without success.  The driver then drove the child to the Greenville Transit Authority Office and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were able to knock on doors until they found the child’s parents. They say his mom wasn’t even aware he was gone.

But the cops don’t expect to file charges? Am I missing something?


2 Responses to “No Charges Filed Against Mother Whose Child Was Found Wandering White Horse Road?”

  1. Sharon on August 1st, 2013 11:34 pm

    Yea a$$hole the mother worked from 7-3 which mean she left for work at 630 when she left her child was still sleeping u dick head did u know that this woman worked hard to give her kids a good life so stop ralking shit about tgings yoy dont know you people always wanna take somebodys kids away take care of your own snotty nose chaps 3 years later and um still pissed off by this article

  2. Rob Taylor on August 2nd, 2013 1:57 am

    And she what? Left a 2-year-old unsupervised at home? That’s better?

    Or let me guess – her lazy pot smoking “boyfriend” was supposed to watch the kid, right?

    You do understand that kid almost died, right? That a pedophile could have picked him up instead of a good Samaritan. But you don’t care about that, of course.

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