North St. Paul Teacher Tried Pimping Out Mentally Disabled Girl

Next time someone tells you how we need to hold teachers in higher esteem remind them of the thousands of teachers who rape children, use drugs in school and do all other sorts of depraved acts on your dime.

One such person is Tameshia Allen-Hodges:

A substitute teacher for a special-education school in North St. Paul has admitted to trying to sway a student to engage in prostitution.

Tameshia Leeann Allen-Hodges, 23, of Oakdale was accused of bringing a 21-year-old female student with developmental disabilities to her home, where she took photos of the student in lingerie and suggested she perform sex acts for money.

The photos were posted online with the student’s contact information.

The student told police she received multiple calls and said at least one man came to Allen-Hodges’ apartment, though the student said she did not engage in any physical contact with him, according to a criminal complaint.

Police searched Allen-Hodges’ cellphone and found seven photos of the scantily clad student dated April 22. Allen-Hodges admitted she posted them online, the complaint said.

Allen-Hodges was charged in Washington County District Court with inducing an individual to engage in prostitution and sex trafficking, both felonies.

Check out the resume she used to get the job. It’s written in gibberish. Here’s an example:

Strong interpersonal skills are evident in the ability to interface with others at all levels. I can adept in computerized environments. Thorough understanding of client services within fast paced environments.

Someone read that and hired her. I blame the schools!


3 Responses to “North St. Paul Teacher Tried Pimping Out Mentally Disabled Girl”

  1. Trench Reynolds on November 28th, 2011 10:33 pm

    Did she use backpage?

  2. Rob Taylor on November 28th, 2011 10:43 pm

    It might of been, I didn’t catch the site but I assume it is.

  3. Evan Will on November 29th, 2011 10:41 am

    Except for the typo on that Rob – people I work with every day use some of those collections of words to try and sound smart…it’s pathetic and transparent though…BTW my mother in law works in education in the ATL area and those people are some of the biggest rockheads you’ll ever meet…(her excluded of course)

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