Occupy Cleveland Caught Plotting Bomb Attacks!

Remember this story next time some hippy tells you the Occupy movement is peaceful and it’s the TEA Party that is violent. Just to be clear, one of the Ohio “anarchists” caught in an FBI sting planning to blow up bridges and murder people was in fact the spokesperson for Occupy Cleavland and another was a “leader” in the movement. Media Trackers has plenty of evidence.

The worst part about this plot was how nihilistic this movement has been exposed to be. One of the bombers even volunteered for a suicide bombing mission. Think about that – a rich suburbanite is willing to kill himself to make a ideological statement:

(Brandon) Baxter claimed to have acquired eight pounds of C-4 explosive, and suggested they look for a neo-Nazi or Klan headquarters in Ohio to blow up. Wright suggested blowing up a Federal Reserve bank with a car bomb. He also allegedly said he would consider wearing a suicide vest but would have to be “very drunk” to go through with it.

So … this is the 99%? Here’s the FBI affidavit to peruse. Think about this next time someone tells you how harmless Occupy is.


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