Octomom Gets Mysterious Discount on Rent from Skeevy Landlord


Many of you may not know this unless you follow the gossip blogs but Nadya Suleman has been having some serious financial issues. Now the mother of 14 has reached some sort of arraignment with the landlord who was looking to put her 14 kids out on the street to starve. Great guy, right? Not quite, he still shook her down for $6,500 which is a lot of baby food:

LA HABRA, CA — Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman says she is caught up on her Southern California home mortgage payments and is no longer delinquent.

Suleman, who lives in the La Habra home with her 14 children, said Thursday that she is no longer in imminent danger of losing her house.

Suleman lawyer’s said last month that she was considering going on welfare to make ends meet. Amer Haddadin, the man who has been threatening to foreclose, told the Orange County Register that he decided to accept $6,500 for September and October house payments because he knows Suleman is strapped for money.

He knew she was strapped for money and had 14 kids to feed but still took $6,500? What a guy.

Is it just me or is it pretty clear that people may be taking advantage of an unstable crazy lady who makes a lot of bad decisions?

As an aside, if Suleman had invested the money she spend on plastic surgery and publicity in gold and other commodities she’d be a millionaire by now. When you have children invest your money wisely single moms.


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  1. loup Garou on October 20th, 2010 9:20 am

    This chic is a creepy An-Jo wannabee. It’s bad enough when sh!t headed breeders unleash 3 or 4 bad kids on society for us, the people with jobs and pay our taxes, to take care of and or incarcerate. But 14!!??? WTF?
    Nothing good will ever come from this woman’s life, not even a half decent triple X home move. BARF!
    People please, don’t raise your kids to get them out of the house… raise them to be good adults and contribute to society. By the way that pic must be airbrushed and it still looks like Sh!t.

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