Word on the Street: Jessie Dawn Royal in Trouble … Again?

A few days ago Jessi Dawn Royal was arrested in a meth lab in Simpsonville along with Julie Leigh Wilder and Christopher Charles Frey. All three were charged with manufacturing meth, and Royal was charged with unlawful possession of a prescription drug.

Rumor has it that Royal shouldn’t have been out on the streets in the first place since she killed someone while driving high. Sure enough a quick check of the Greenville County public records shows that in 2010 a Jessie Dawn Royal pled guilty to 0395-DUI / Felony driving under the influence, death results. If this is the same Jessie Dawn why is she not only still on the streets, but cooking meth and buying scripts? Because she got some serious hug-a-thug treatment with probation and a license suspension.

This time let’s keep her in the joint.

Operation SOCC Brings 628 Sex Offenders into Compliance

Mauldin and Greenville Police, working in conjunction with the U.S. Marshal Service and several other law enforcement agencies, have brought over 600 sex offenders into compliance. From the press release put out by the Marshal Service:

Greenville, SC – The U.S. Marshals from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia along with Greenville, Spartanburg, and Pickens County Sheriff’s Deputies, Greenville and Mauldin Police Officers, and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) completed a successful Sex Offender Community Compliance operation (SOCC) in the upstate during the week of December 5. Operation SOCC targeted 656 active sex offenders being monitored by Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and verified 628 listed offenders.

During Operation SOCC each offender was required to sign the verification sheet at the prospective address of residence. Of the 628 address verifications, 11 sex offenders were deemed non-compliant and arrest warrants were obtained for each non-compliant offender and 10 have been arrested while one remains at large. Operation SOCC aided in the clearing of 24 state/local warrants for charges not associated with the compliance check.

“Protecting our communities and verifying addresses of registered sex offenders are of paramount importance and the U.S. Marshals will support all local avenues of law enforcement to bring these registered offenders into compliance. Providing federal law enforcement support to the state of South Carolina is what our dedicated Deputy U.S. Marshals render daily and we continue to strive to make the streets a safe place for all our citizens.” stated Kelvin Washington, U.S. Marshal for the District of South Carolina.

Sheriff Steve Loftis said, “The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is greatly appreciative to the US Marshals and the additional agencies that participated in this extremely important effort. This effort is a prime example of what can be accomplished when multiple agencies come together for an important cause.”

Established in 1789, the United States Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency. In fiscal 2010, the Marshals arrested more than 36,100 federal fugitives, clearing 39,400 felony warrants and arrested 11,072 sex offenders. Marshal’s Service-led task forces like South Carolina’s Operation Intercept arrested 81,900 state and local fugitives, clearing 108,200 felony warrants. Locally, Operation Intercept arrested over 2,500 South Carolina fugitives during that same period.

Nice work, thank a cop when you see one for getting these perverts in order.


Victimless Crime File: Pot Growers Destroying National Forests

The interesting part of this story is that even if marijuana was legal the growers would still cause vast environmental damage because the crop is too valuable to lose any and the crop replaces native vegetation. The same thing happens with soybeans, which are a environmental disaster as a crop.

From The New York Daily News:

Pot smokers like to burn one down, but growers of marijuana are getting heat for tearing it down in the country’s national forests.

The outlaw reefer growers seek out national parkland for their hidden weed farms because the forests are incredibly vast, security is incredibly light and conditions are ripe for growing, the website Live Science reported.

But as covert cultivation of pot farms on U.S. National Forest System lands becomes more common, environmental costs are mounting, the website’s report details.


Growers who take advantage of national parkland by establishing pot gardens are doing more than breaking the law with their green thumbs, the report notes. They’re ripping out native vegetation to clear tracts for their own crops, adversely impacting ecosystems and scaring off wildlife.

Some growers even douse their fields with toxic chemicals to fend off weeds, bugs and rodents, Eth said.

“The most disgusting aspect of it is the pollution,” he said. “They just pour chemicals like nobody’s business … and they get washed into streams that flow through national parks.”

Legalizers would also do well to remember how non-food cash crops effect food prices. Once pot is legal and farmers switch to it there will be less food on the market as farmland turns to drug growing. Not that pot smokers care if others starve, but it will cut into there budgets to, just like the ethanol industry has raised food prices.

Iran and Venezuela Caught Plotting to Launch Infrastructure Cyber Attack … from Mexico

Univision, the largest Spanish language channel in the United States, aired a documentary detailing a plot by Venezuelan agents and members of Iranian proxy force Hezbollah to launch attacks aimed at damaging nuclear plants and other targets. Since there are four nuke plants in South Carolina that basically surround Greenville County this should be of interest to readers.

Fausta Wertz, one of the best bloggers out there covering Latin America and communism, has a summery:

The onslaught would be against the information technology systems of the White House, nuclear power plants and federal agencies, such as CIA, FBI, the Pentagon and the top-secret National Security Agency (NSA). Some of the meetings were held inside the Venezuelan mission in the Mexican capital city, according to the pseudo-pirate

A few weeks ago “foreign hackers” were able to disrupt operations at a rural Illinois water plant, imagine the mayhem that could be caused if the plotters were able to disrupt power to the rapidly growing upstate while causing damage to four reactors that surround us.

More from El Universal:

When the events occurred four years ago, Consul Livia Acosta Noguera acted as the Cultural Affairs Officer at the Venezuelan Embassy in Mexico. Ex professors and graduates from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who pretended to be hackers or cyber-pirates managed to record several conversations where the diplomat requested information about an alleged sabotage on the United States to submit it to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

“I would like to make emphasis on what you gave me, the last thing (…) the president (Chávez) already had a look at it,” the diplomat said, based on the recordings obtained by Univisión Investiga.

In another talk, Acosta commented that General Alexis López, then the head of the presidential guard, presumably provided President Chávez with the information forwarded by her from Mexico. The diplomat also asked hackers for forged information against dissidents of Chávez’s government, the students elaborated.


The students related that the story started in 2006, when young people specialized in information technology were recruited by UNAM Professor Francisco Guerrero Lutteroth to organize a cyber-attack team against US servers from Mexican territory.

One of the recruits, then student Juan Carlos Muñoz Ledo, covertly recorded the meetings when learning that the purpose of the operation was attacking targets in US territory, he told Univisión. Muñoz Ledo was also worried, he added, that, in addition to the cyber-attack, the possibility of physical attacks had been pondered.

“The objectives of the plan discussed were attacking the United States firstly in a cybernetic manner and afterwards, doing it in a physical manner. This is what both the Embassies of Iran and Venezuela particularly wanted, under the aegis of Cuba, obviously,” Muñoz Ledo averred.

Muñoz Ledo incorporated other students to help document the presumed conspiracy planned from 2006 to 2010.

“The point is that I made the decision to implement an action, as it were, to substantiate all of it,” commented Muñoz Ledo, 33, in an interview with Univisión from Mexico. “It was the right thing,” he added.

The operations received the “blessing” of Roy Chaderton, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Mexico in 2007 and 2008, as testified by the very hackers.

The team used tiny audio microphones and hidden video-cameras in order to record dozens of hours of talks, running the risk of being captured.

The embassies of Venezuela, Iran and Cuba took the lead in the scheming, Muñoz Ledo elaborated.

Iranian and Venezuelan diplomats, the expert warranted, took a “very, very active” part in planning the attacks.

With Iran threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz now might be the time for their plot to be fast tracked as they could easily cripple the U.S. by interrupting our oil supplies while potentially blacking out large portions of the country.

Via Townhall here’s the trailer for the documentary that aired recently:

Two Teen Girls Arrested in Downtown Mugging

Of course, one is actually an adult at 19 so as usual we see the local media minimizing the crime by describing people who should do a couple of years in prison as children.

In the past few years Greenville has seen an increase in homeless youths as the city becomes more hospital to the drifting masses making the “circuit” from the big northeastern cities in the summer to the deep south in the winter. Despite the PC nonsense the majority of homeless have severe drug and alcohol problems – which is why they can’t get into shelters or section 8 housing. The mugshots of the two above seem to indicate they too like the drugs and seem to either be homeless or simply trying to fit in with homeless freinds. Since police caught them sitting in a public garage rather than fleeing the area I assume they hit this lady for drug money. The downtown is lousy with dealers these days.


Two teenagers were arrested after police say they robbed a woman at knife-point in downtown Greenville.

Acacia Brooke Pitts, 19, and Morgan Jean Key, 17, were arrested.

Pitts is charged with having an unlawful weapon, giving false name to police, armed robbery and possession of a knife during a violent crime.

Key is charged with giving false information to police, armed robbery, possession of knife during a violent crime.

The victim told police that the teens, who were armed with a knife, approached her last Thursday and she gave them her purse.

The victim was able to provide a description and police said the teens were found in the stairwell of the Bowater parking garage, dressed in the clothing the victim had described.

Police say both teens confessed to the robbery.

Throw the book at them!

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