Parmalee Drummer Running Fever

Scott Thomas, the heroic drummer of southern rock band Parmalee who was critically injured protecting his band mates from two armed robbers, is running a fever. Doctors will run tests to determine why as the man remains in critical but stable condition:

“(Parmalee drummer) Scott (Thomas) has maintained an elevated temperature for the past few days. He will be undergoing testing today to medically attempt to pinpoint the origin of the fever.”

“Attending surgeons feel that if he has an abscess or infected area that is discovered through this testing they will be able to address this during what will be his fourth surgery since this traumatic incident. The fourth surgery is presently scheduled for tomorrow, Wedenesday, September 29th. He remains critically stable.

“Scott is also undergoing his third session of dialysis today. The Parmalee family (present and extended) were hoping that he would be removed from his ventilator, as this is uncomfortable to Scott. The removal of his ventilator tube will enhance his ability to potentially communicate verbally. Surgeons are optimistic of its removal tomorrow or the following day. We appreciate the continued thoughts and prayers, and wish you to direct your focus to his potential infection issues and kidney healing.”

The medical bills are piling up so go to Help Parmalee to donate money for Thomas’ care.


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