Pearl Brown Charged with Filing False Report

The Greenville County teen who recanted her tale of being viciously attacked in Mauldin’s Sunset Park last Friday has now been formally charged with unlawful use of 911 and filing a false police report. She is being charged as a juvenile.

16-year-old Pearl Brown admitted to Mauldin Police that she lied about the assault and faked the 911 call.  Police believe she may have acted on a dare.

Before Brown confessed to lying, Mauldin Police spent time investigating numerous leads and tips.  They even interviewed a 21-year-old man based on his resemblance to a description provided by Brown.

That man’s mother didn’t want News 4 to reveal their identities, but said she is fuming about the fake attack.

The mother says her son had never met Brown before, but happened to be in the same social network as the teen. That mother also says her son is a college student who has never been in trouble before and only resembled the sketch because he’s an African-American man with facial hair.

“I was scared, and after that, I was angry,” said the mother.”I think [Pearl Brown] should be punished,” said the woman.

“I think she should be made to feel what everybody else in the community is feeling. The fear and she should pay for what she’s done,” she said.

News Channel 7 reports that Brown has a family court hearing scheduled for Monday.


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  1. Fern George on January 7th, 2010 9:30 pm

    I hope the court includes mandatory therapy in her sentence along with plenty of community service. She needs to see that actions have consequences and a therapist can help her figure out the difference between positive and negative attention and help her see why her behavior was destructive to herself and others.

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